What is the best food after gym?

Depends what you want to achieve from the gym. Here are some basics

  • People go mad about protein because it's the thing that repairs muscle but any excess per day is not stored and gets converted to glucose (not good to keep fat off you) or gets urinated out. So protein shakes are an expensive and often unnecessary addition to gym ‘‘food advice"
  • Eat between 75g to 150g of protein per meal. But only eat 2 or 3 times a day. No snacking or grazing is needed or helpful. Serving relates to how big you are.
  • Protein isolate (shakes, bars etc) is not as good as from real foods. Fatty meat, whole eggs etc

So what food is best for the gym?

  1. None at all! Surprised? But training in the ‘fasted state' will get the best results. Skip breakfast and you'll keep growth hormone levels up.
  2. For endurance, if you're Keto adapted (high fat low carb) you'll go longer. So you'll be eating with out carbing up. If you sadly still believe in carbing up then don't eat refined carbohydrates at all. No processed foods are good. If you are stuck in the bad science of carbs for sports performance then you believe you need carbs to keep your glycogen stores up. (I'm qualified in Nutrition for exercise and Sports performance) glycogen stored simply mean ‘stored energy' in your muscles and liver.
  3. There is no particular magic food

But this is me guessing you'd like to build muscle. For the gym you need to have not eaten for at least 2 hours before. Not eating for at least 16 hours before is the best. So after sleeping and not eating breakfast basically.

Hydrate, not for the water but for the electrolytes. Salts and minerals basically. So pink Himalayan salt (a pinch) added to water is great.

AFTER Workout

Replacing lost electrolytes is the most important factor.

One myth is that after a hard workout you'll need food because otherwise the body will start eating up muscle to supply you with energy! This is so far from any scientific basis it's unbelievable and here's why...

The average person has 16,000 calories of stored energy on them, so eating straight after a workout is not worth worrying about. Eat normally and your body adapts. Don't adapt to advice, don't force your body into unnatural behaviour.

There are zero essential sugars and carbohydrates, only essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals

Good fats are from things like nuts and avocado

Good protein is from grass fed cows or corn fed chickens etc. Vegetarians need a wide range of vegetables to get all the essential amino acids but can do that easily

Hope this helped

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