What is the best hack for unlimited Uber rides?

Back in September-November 2014, I -

  1. Used a simple python code to mail users
  2. Post on social media outside India
  3. Target users with ads

Result - I had close to INR 1.2 lakh + (Rs. 1,20,000) worth Uber credits.

Though not unlimited, I took Uber for close to 2 years absolutely free.

Images (note the old uber logo) -

Ok you want free rides here is the coupon. If u r a new user use code tejasvitue you'll be getting rs.75 off for 3 rides in uber.... Yeah rs. 225 off.other codes will be giving only rs 50 off for 1 ride. And yes if you are existing user you can sign up with any other mobile number. And use this code. And for ola i am giving you a free ride without cash...code is 9RJW9R (but in ola try luck to get free ride if you did not get no problem you'll be getting rs 100 off for your next ride guaranteed.uber sometimes also if your luck is there gives 75 off for 5 rides with thw the above code(tejasvitue)..

Refraining from commenting on the sheer audacity of the question as hacks, by definition, typically don't (or shouldn't) ensure lifetime durability.

The answer is very simple actually - become an Uber driver for life. Better than free rides, get paid for them! Sustainable too.

The best hack would be to earn money.(aka get a job OR rob a bank)

"Unlimited Uber rides"=doesnt necesarily mean Free :)

P.s : robbing a bank wont work now with demonetisation and all that in India.

Please find the below link. It will be useful to get unlimited credits in uber rides.


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