What is the best hip replacement recovery exercise?

If you have more swelling and its progressing - then yes, your hip is telling you that you are doing too much. If the swelling has been there since the op and is relatively unchanged, then it is more than likely part of the normal repair process. The key to a great outcome after hip replacement is not so much about strengthening muscles, but having them work in a co-ordinated way so that your movement quality is pure. Strength is great, don't get me wrong, but you have probably been walking off centre for years and your balance of activation patterns around the feet, knees and pelvis need to re-set to the possibilities.

This is my all time favourite Feldenkrais inspired move for balancing hips after surgery and awakening all the deep neural connections between the fascia and the muscles. EASY and EFFECTIVE. If you like this move, please check out my full online rehab course!

Key point - You can strengthen a muscle all you like... but it doesnt necessarily become integrated into quality, pure movement unless you allow time for the Brain to make the connection to the muscle!!

If I work out three times a week, how long will it be before I start to see results?

Depends on if you have a workout list, can write and read. Do the workout, log the workout, see the result.What kind of workout? What length of workout? What shape are you in now? How old are you?Are you doing - pinky flexes or

How to gain weight without exercise

Females have the natural tendency to gain weight as they age after adulthood.First thing first, NEVER go for a supplement.why? Simply because its a

What is the difference between running on a treadmill and running on the road, with respect to physics?

There's a huge amount. Treadmills are gamed by runners to reduce foot impact, As the treadmill is moving, the amount of exertion necessary is tailored to the speed of the treadmill. You don't beat your feet up as much on one.You don't get cooled down by sweat evaporating.