What is the best home exercise for skinny people?

Anything that focuses on getting stronger instead of getting thinner. Here's an article that might help with a little direction: It's Not About Getting Skinny

Also, you could check out this article that talks about goal setting (it's title implies it's for New Years resolutions, but it will help with any goal): How To Set Your 2019 New Years Fitness Resolution

Good luck to you! Hope these help.

Where should someone practice HTML/CSS?

Practice everywhere and anywhere. Here are some places that someone can practice at, but not limited to:http://jsfiddle.net - Practice your HTML and CSS as a playground hereCodePen - Same as jsfiddleSelf-hosting - Buy a hosting plan and domain name, upload your HTML and CSS

I am usually very motivated initially, but my motivation gradually drops and I do not reach my final goal. How should I overcome this problem?

This is a classic bad-finisher problem. If it's any consolation, you're not alone. There are people who are great initiators, and there are folks who are great finishers, and there is a small intersection who are both.And frankly, there is place for all 3 in the world.However, good

Do guys like when girls plan out dates & take them out?

Yes, assuming they find you attractive, most guys are lazy daters and would prefer the woman makes choices.This is the exact opposite of what most women prefer - women generally are attracted to men who take charge and make decisions... so while guys