What is the best home workout for a 14 year old boy to build muscles?

Monday = Pushups.

Drop and give me 20. Do the same in 15 mins. And again. When you can no-longer manage 20, do as many as you can, keep repeating every 15 mins until you struggle to do a single pushup.

Tuesday = Pistol Squats.

Find a stool, box, stack of books, (whatever) to sit on, lower = better. Stick one leg out front and stand up using only the other leg, stick your arms out to balance. Stay on the same leg and slowly lower yourself back into a seated position. Do 10 for each leg. Wait 15 mins and repeat (see where this is going?).

Wednesday = Lat dips.

Get a chair stand in front and go to sit on an imaginary chair in front of your chair, put your hands back and raise yourself up and down, do 20 reps. wait 15 mins... (you know the drill by now).

Should I start lifting weights?

Well according to your stats, you can start weight training. Bulking up takes time and is not going to happen in a day or two. It takes months of dedication and commitment.For starting, control you diet (avoid junk) and add more water & proteins in your diet. Take essential

What is the best home exercise for skinny people?

Anything that focuses on getting stronger instead of getting thinner. Here's an article that might help with a little direction: It's Not About Getting SkinnyAlso, you could check out this article that talks about goal setting (it's title implies it's for New Years resolutions, but it

When you exercise, your brain creates new brain matter to handle the new muscle mass. What happens to the 'new' brain matter when you stop exercising and lose your muscle mass?

The brain does not create new brain matter. It may create new neural networks that are used for a specific task that uses a combination of muscles. The brain is like a gigantic memory chip. It just programs new information of muscle processes into unused or underused memory areas.At senior citizen ages, we can learn to