What is the best motivational thing you have ever seen in your life?

When I was in school, there was a boy in my class who had a personality which always gave an impression that he can't do anything remarkable in life. He was so weird, sounded so dumb and never got any extra ordinary good grades in school.

After passing out 12th, when he said that he will pursue CA (Chartered Accountant), my colleagues were actually laughing out on him as clearing out CA is not everyone's cup of tea.

Nobody knew where he was then, no one actually bothered.

After almost 4 years, when one fine day, the ICAI announced the CA final results, my facebook timelime got flooded with the updates regarding it and then my eyes got stuck on his name wherein it was mentioned by his friend "Congratulations on getting the prefix CA in front of your name, you did it man in first attempt itself!" And I was so shocked, he literally cleared both the groups of CA final exam in first attempt which is even next to impossible for many people with good grades.

I really congratulated him with my overwhelmed heart as I knew if the person like him has cleared it out, he must definately worked extremely hard to get through it.

Later on I got to know that he actually locked himself for 6 months before the exam leaving out all the other pleasures of life and yes, his great efforts really paid off!

After few months, I got his another update that he has cleared ICWA by securing his name in AIR. He actually got a rank in ICWA. What else people dream of?

The most neglected person has cleared CA, CS, ICWA, all in his first attempt whereas I know many who were the toppers in my school and still struggling to clear CA Final Exam.

Today, many of my classmates consider him as their ‘Motivational Icon', which reflect that you can conquer the toughest thing if you makes it your only target and work your ass off to achieve it.

Today, no one knows how dumb he was at school, people know him as the extra ordinary intelligent person who has cleared out the toughest exams, all in his first attempt and that's what calls for a respect!

Hence, nothing is impossible until and unless you start feeling so!

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