What is the best non English song you've ever heard?

"Ne Me Quitte Pas" from Jacques Brel, a Belg whose song is practically the French Anthem! The English translation is totally divorced from the original French meaning (happens a lot with French-English translated songs for some reason). The original sad ballad is pure poetry, visual as hell, non-translatable and worth studying French for. The song would wring tears out of a stone. It's not the first time one of his songs stayed in my head before I even knew the language, he's incredible and his voice has a big range that even Sting had to wiggle around to be able to cover it, and for me, his version and bad accent are embarrassing, even though I love Sting. Same for Nina Simone, her accent is cringe worthy. I think my favorite cover is from a girl who won the French version of ‘Star Search', Amandine, if you want to check her out as well as Jacques:

What are benefits of developing core strength?

Core, as the word in English suggests, is foundation. Think, if your foundation is not strong, how do you expect your project to be firm and long lasting ?In our body, core is not only your six packs, as is often made out

Is fasting dangerous?

It is a crime towards your own body. People who fast often think they are losing weight, but fail to comprehend that the human body is made out of water, muscles, minerals and, last but not least, fat. When you fast your body is letting  go of excess water because

Is it safe if I, a 14-year-old, would do push ups, sit ups, and plank 1 day, then squats and other leg workouts the next?

I train a lot of young athletes and I would say you are a long way from benefiting from a split body routine. Just do everything in one workout. Make two routines: A and B and work out 3 times a week.