What is the best quality, "coolest" knife I can get? I have a thing for weapons.

The best knives are those you forge yourself. Its also very cool making your own blades, axes and swords. It is not easy but you have greater control over the end product. Example I have a low angle filleting knife with a 10° angle with a total of 20° angle in a full flat grind. It is very difficult to maintain the edge but it is razor sharp. A 17° degree angle is found on scalpels, so it's almost twice as fine as a scalpel. It cannot chop at all. I do not use it on any meat with bone in it. I typically use it for boneless pork loins, fish for sushi and stuff along those lines.

That said here's one of the many cool weapons videos from the tube of you.

What do you think about people who are a fan of both Marvel and DC as a DC fan? What do DC fanboys think?

Honestly this is stupid. The whole DC vs Marvel rivalry.Marvel and DC are OVERALL THE SAME.Read it again:Marvel and DC are OVERALL THE SAME.Marvel can be both silly (Gwenpool) and dark (Punisher), DC can be both silly (Plastic Man) and dark (Batman).Marvel can have troubled characters (Spider-Man) and op gods (Sentry), DC can have

How did Elon Musk obtain his US citizenship?

While I do not know for sure, certain things can be inferred. Since Musk got his US citizenship in 2002, and there is no record of his being married to a US citizen at the time or having served in the US military, he must have

What are some of the most believable theories about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)?

This is just my personal opinion on this theory. But I think it was on Reddit where someone mentioned that Dr. Strange cursed the time stone before giving it to Thanos. I just really like this theory, and it seems more believable than some of