What is the best steakhouse in Manhattan?

A lot of great options, my top three would be:

  1. Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Wolfgang's was started by one of the headwaiters from Peter Luger's in Brooklyn (New York steakhouse royalty). I'd give it a slight edge for two reasons.
    1. 1) it's everything you expect a steakhouse to be. It's loud. The waiters have some attitude, and the steaks literally come to the table sizzling
    2. 2) it's local to New York and Manhattan and it's part of New York's steakhouse history
  2. Quality Meats - Delicious steaks, seafood and sides in a great setting near Central Park South. It's not a loud, dark, stuffy atmosphere which I appreciate but may not feel like a traditional steakhouse to many
  3. Del Frisco's - It's a national chain and not unique to New York City but still some of the best steaks I've eaten

What can I do to prevent my cell from overcharging?

YOUR PHONES BATTERY WONT EXPLODE! FOLLOW PRECAUTIONS !Actually you can use your phones and laptops simultaneously while charging for as long as you want and even charge over night.PRECAUTION:1. Use the "original chargers" or "manufacture-approved chargers". The third party chargers are also good if their

What can you do to make a child stop crying?

First of all, toddlers do cry. Because not only do they not have the words to express themselves but because it is very frustrating to be a toddler. There are so many new and exciting skills, like walking, running, and climbing that your caregivers applaud you for one moment and then are telling you sharply to stop

Why must women and teenage girls shave?

Well there is no particular reason why a woman "must" shave. It's never a compulsion or any obligation. For me, I am way too lazy to shave most of the time !However there are a variety of reasons why women do shave. They think shaving, and getting rid of