What is the best strategy for reinvesting to grow an investment balance, assuming there is a fee for every reinvestment?

Dylan, Thanks for the question.

Best is a very subjective word. I can tell you what I like and what I have seen work. Find yourself a DRIP program. Dividend Reinvestment Program. By a share of stock... or ten shares or 100 shares.... have the dividends reinvest. There is very little to no cost to have the dividends reinvested. Don't do this through a broker do this yourself. You will save a lot of money on expenses. Add money to this every month.. then by a different stock and ten more shares. Then add money to those two stocks. Then add a third stock and so on...

The best portfolio I ever saw was about 40 years old.. it had about 30 stocks in it all reinvesting. It was about 60% stock and 40% municipal bonds. Some bonds as small as $5,000.... Small bonds are expensive to buy and pay less but this gentleman purchased what he could afford to purchase when he could afford to purchase it. He did what he could afford to do......

A few years before he died I encouraged him to travel, or use his money in some way. He was a saver and just couldn't spend his savings. He was always waiting for that "rainy day," He passed away and left 2.5 million to his heirs. He was a wonderful guy.

The "best" portfolio I ever saw was a every simple portfolio. 30 stocks, all reinvesting. A muni-bond portfolio all reinvested. Simple, elegant and worth 2.5 million dollars.

I wish you well...

At this point in his presidency, what would have to happen for Trump to be impeached?

Something absolutely indisputably against constitutional guidelines, like an obvious display of obstruction of justice (which the Dems have been trying to show he's guilty of for years, and to no avail, so there's no chance of that going through).The only thing I can see Trump being impeached for is

How will working out everyday change my life?

I was about five when I lost the ability to run. I didn't lose it totally, but quickly my lungs would close. Soon after it happen all the time. Sleeping, talking, sitting, almost random. diagnoses: AsthmaI was exempt from PE. Hey that is great right? No.

Why is it so peculiar and difficult to understand human behavior?

Since everyone of us is unique on this planet and everyone's having a different mindset, a different way of thinking, a different way of living life , it's very obvious to see dissimilarities in behaviours, and since it's hard to read minds even it's impossible to read someone's mind , and since