What is the best supplement to take for gaining lean muscle?

Muscle building does not happen only with supplementation.There are other important factors that affect muscle hypertrophy.

For Muscle growth:

  • You will need a workout routine ( you have to workout)
  • Good nutrition plan ( you have to get enough calories to build muscles)
  • Rest and sleep (this helps to recover your muscle; muscle building process happen while you recover)
  • Supplements  (to fill the nutrition gap )

You can take supplements

  • As a pre workout drink (caffeine, creatine)
  • As a post workout drink ( whey, creatine)

For Lean muscle:

  • Supplements does not have an important role in building lean muscle ( if you follow the above steps your muscles will grow).
  • You have to control the calories you take in (excess calories you take will be stored as fat- you have to avoid that).

Still looking for supplements? You can take supplements that boost your metabolism. Try these:

❏ 7-Keto DHEA

❏ Caffeine

❏ Capsaicin

These supplements are listed in the supplement checklist. I have created a supplement checklist that reviews 82 supplements, and arranged on the basis of results.

The checklist will help to identify those supplements that works.

If you want a copy of that PDF; Download it here

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Can I lose weight by walking 2 miles a day on a treadmill?

Loosing weight comes down to math. Burn more than you eat. Because it is WAY easier to eat calories than it is to burn them, we say that loosing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.Just by being alive, you burn calories. How many you burn just by living your day is called your basal metabolic rate and

Does flexing your muscles make the muscles stronger?

Flexing them will result in very minimal strength increases. Flexing your muscle is the same as contracting them. also known as the concentric portion of a given lift.In order for muscles to get stronger, they need to contract, but they also need to contract against resistance because your body will very quickly adapt to