What is the best thing to do with your life?

When I was kid, I was told to get up early and take blessings of every elder in the house by touching their feet. And for me, if someone asks me to do something repeatedly I don't know how I evolve myself into a Polar Bear and become the most laziest person alive.

I always wondered , how is it possible that if I bend down 90 degree. blessings will come out from their hand to my head and it will make me healthy, wealthy and happy person without studying and working.

I knew something is wrong with this tradition and with gut feeling I asked my dad, Why do we do this? I never see you touching anyone's feet in the morning.

I swear to God, that was the most inappropriate question asked from Typical Traditional Indian Family. And then, I instantly knew what will be the best thing to do with my life. (Whatever my Dad says).

I hope you people got confused with the purpose of the story in respect of this question, lets come to the question.

If an Elephant is told that the best thing in life is to fly or a Fish is told that the best thing in life is to live in a nest in trees. It is funny, isn't it?

Truth: Everyone know what is the best for them.

Bitter Truth: Not everyone has that courage, gut and favoring situation to take a step which is the best thing to do with their life.

  • People stuck in bad relationship or marriage, they know what is best for them, but they choose not to act or they wait until they get hurt enough.
  • Every smoker or drinker know what is the best thing to do.
  • While choosing career option, you know what you excel in your life, but you will choose what your guardians ask or what your friends are choosing. Very few choose what is best for them.
  • A person who works at a dock, he knows swimming is best thing to learn, it might save his life, but same advice is not fruitful for one who lives in Sahara desert.

It is not me who should tell you what is the best for you, it is you, who should give a thought "What is best for you" and start working on it.

The best thing to do is get to know yourself!

Do you know who you are? Are you satisfied with it? Do you want to change it? These 3 are perhaps the deepest question you can ask yourself if you're trying to find the answer to the question.

Don't let anything or anyone define who you are, your worth should be defined by self appreciation and understanding of your own worth.

knowing yourself value is the keynote to breath life into your existence. You will be more willing to take risks, failure will taste like a new experience rather than failure. If you know your self worth you will be able to help other people reach their potential too. It's so cool to to see someone breaking bad habits, following your footsteps.

It's never too late! I have read so many times that your 20's are supposed to be the best, the most accomplishing years, but who says that? Is there a unwritten law in the universe about this? Of course not! It's never too late, weather you are 11 years old or 60, there is always something new to live and enjoy everyday!

"Doing nothing"  is the best thing one may do.Of course ,it is unbelievable. Also  it sounds impossible. In fact ,doing nothing means doing only necessary work for own maintenance. Like , doing work for earning day to day food and doing own maintenance.
In fact ,if we look around, we find animals ,birds, fishes ,trees are doing the above. Thus they are so lively , so active ,so  filled with energy. Hardly suffering from emotions. Their living is in present moment .
In contrast , human being looks so depressed, moves with gloomy faces.Always remain worried, so a lot of physical suffering. No time to live moment to moment .
Hence best thing a man can do in his life is to understand above and start living. In fact in the history of mankind , a few philosopher ,like Gautam Buddha , Heraclitus , Lao Chung etc.  lived their life with full awareness.

Abhimanyu's teacher gave him and his fellow classmates a kit of clay to create something with.

Everyone was very excited to make beautiful things through their imagination and art. They were given two hours.


I've yet to meet an absolute perfectionist whose life was filled with inner peace. The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquillity conflict with each other. Whenever we are attached to having something a certain way, better than it already is, we are, almost by definition, engaged in a losing battle. Rather that being content and grateful for what we have, we are focused on what's wrong with something and our need to fix it.
Whether its related to ourselves - a disorganised closet, a scratch on the car, an imperfect accomplishment, a few kgs we would like to lose; or someone else's "imperfections" - the way someone looks, behaves, or lives their life; the very act of focusing on imperfection pulls us away from our goal of being kind and gentle. This strategy has nothing to do with ceasing to do your very best but with being overly attached and focused on what's wrong with life. Its about realising that while there's always a better way to do something, this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy and appreciate the way things already are.

The solution here is to catch yourself when you fall into your habit of insisting that things should be other than they are. Gently remind yourself that life is okay the way it is, right now. In the absence of your judgement, everything would be fine.
As you begin to eliminate your need for perfection in all areas of life, you'll begin to discover the perfection in life itself.
Dear Quoran,

Following are some suggestions:-

Make yourself busy.
Start working instead of worrying. If you're just sitting idle, you will just keep thinking of something or the other, continuously running your mind, which will make you suffer. The same time can be used for doing valuable things.

Sports and hobbies
Start taking part in outdoor sports and other activities like swimming, etc. Also if you have some hobbies go ahead and follow them.

Become socially active
Talk with people. Try to make new friends. Engage in conversation with new people. Start attending social gatherings. This will not only increase your social circle, but also you will gain confidence and start enjoying the company of others.

Volunteer/ Help other
Work for some organization that helps the poor and the needy. Try to help others. By doing this you will help yourself as you will gain satisfaction and self contentment by helping others. Also, you may bring a smile to someone's face which is priceless :)

Meditation (most important)
And also, if you want, You could try doing meditation. It is really nice thing to meditate as it gives joy, bliss and happiness from within.

If you want you could try SAHAJA YOGA meditation. It is the easiest one, you won't even need to do much efforts  and it's totally FREE. It will help you alot (physically, mentally, emotionally and in all other aspects of your life). It starts with one getting his/her "SELF REALIZATION" and then the
 state of "THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS" follows. If you want more details  just Google it. 

Wish you all the best !
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