What is the best time and age to start investing and to be able to retire at 45?


There is no better time and age then ASAP. As young and as soon as you can start, you should.

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Do I have to raise my hand to turn left or right when riding a bicycle?

When riding a bicycle, the best way to signal a turn is to point which direction you want to turn. Since both arms are visible to everybody, you can simply use the correct arm to point which way you are turning.If you want to signal a stop, then you point toward the ground.Other

What is taking one for granted? What is a real example?

Many a times the prices are like INR 99, INR 999 i.e. one less than the round figure. In such cases its very rare that shopkeeper returns one rupee and many times customer also don't ask for it.In such cases they take one (1) for granted. Sorry for the joke answer.

What exercises do I need to do in a gym to grow in height?

THERE IS NO EXERCISE THAT WILL PERMANENTLY INCREASE YOUR HEIGHTYour height is affected by:GeneticsNutritionEat enough, and you'll reach and possibly exceed your genetic expectations. Don't eat enough, you'll stunt your growth.There is no indication that ANY exercise will increase or