What is the best way to attend an interview without fear?

Self-confidence is the most important for success in an interview.
 1. You are unique in this world with your merits and demerits. Biologically, each one has different and unique genetic configuration, that directs our qualities. Comparison between dissimilar objects is illogical. Hence, you are neither inferior nor superior to others. You are yours, second to none.
 2. Everyone has merits as well as demerits. Hence, no one is complete. No one is perfect. No one is absolute.
 3. There is father to every father. That means, there is always available more quality than everyone. For example, there is more intelligent than your proud out-spoken first boy and more handsome and smarter guy than your so-called local hero, and so on.
 4. There is no valid reason for superiority or inferiority over others. Persons showing superiority are actually mentally ill. Ignore them and have pity on them. You are unique, second to none. You have all possibilities to excel by way of education, grooming and hard labour. And flourishing inherent qualities.
 5. You have enormous power and unlimited possibilities. You can achieve and attain anything in the world, only if you so desire. Nothing is impossible for you. The sky is the limit. No one can deter you.
 6. Improve yourself with proper education, grooming, and hard labour. Develop your inherent qualities. Have physical exercises, yoga, and meditations. There is no end to self-development.

7. The best way to be confident is to be well-prepared and equipped yourself for the interview as per your satisfaction.

8. Few days before the target date is very important. Read a number of newspapers specially stressing on the news related to the concern you applied for. Gather detailed informations about your subject matter and the concered institution. Meditae to increase your mental power and concentration.

9. Mock interviews with the institutions are very helpful. Also, practise with the friends and before the mirror.
 10. You are a human being, the highest of the species. You are also offspring of your respective parents. You should not embarrass your parents, your forefathers and mothers by giving in without a befitting fight.
 11. The world is beautiful. But the life is short. Hence, every moment of life should be enjoyed to its fullest. This life is solely yours. Now it is your discretion to whether you can afford to waste your time in petty matters.

12. On the final day, start quite early to avoid traffic jams and other last-minute hazars. Maintain formal dress codes. Cary all required papers and credentials regarding your qualification, experiemce, and extracurricular activities.

13. On reaching the site wait patiently and silently to concentrate. If possible gather idea about the questions being asked by the interviewers, from the candidates completing their interviews.

14. Pray to God and enter. Enter with a smile with good gesture. Listen to questions attentively, take time to think, and then answer. If you want a repeat of the question, say ‘perdon' or ‘ perdon please'. If you have no detailed knowledge about any issue, don't raise it at all, as your favourites or other. Finally bid good bye and exit smartly.

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