What is the best way to easily understand chemistry?

I firmly beleive that, motivation generates interest and vice versa.  Chemistry is an experimental science, we see a lot of examples in our daily life that involve chemistry. You just need someone to point that out or find out on your own, then that sustains your interest and motivation to learn more.
For example, have you ever wondered, why do cut apples turn brown after some time? Can it be reversible?
Answer, is the uninteresting(!) oxidation and reduction reactions that you learn and unwillingly balance out is responsible for this. Oxidation causes the browning of cut apple and we can make it reversible, by sprinkling lemon juice ( lemon contains citric acid that supplies protons -causing reduction- a reverse reaction of oxidation).

When you learn about the mundane Osmosis theory, equate it to the DILL PICKLE you like at any sandwich shop. Because , the pickling of cucumber is due to Osmosis. The salt goes into the cucumber.

I have given two examples , hope that generates your interest in learning chemistry.

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