What is the best way to eat healthy for cheap?

Absolutely! Here again, Walmart has chicken that cone's in 3-4 pieces or a family size. It's boneless skinless chicken breasts, extremely delicious and healrhy. Do not mistake it for other frozen chicken that holds st least 300mg of sodium. If you look closely at the pkg, you can see that each breast is wrapped in clear wrap. Everyone I know including us eats this . As for fruits and vegetables, buy organic. I would check Elberts, if you have one. You can find a list of what needs to be organic and not but never buy frozen fruit or vegetables . Go to a farmers mkt. Save money to buy a Food Saver. They are not expensive. Then, cut up your fruit, and place in a bag and vacuum se it for year round enjoyment. Farmers mkts are easyou ways of buying reasonably. You can even freeze watermelon. With this, cut into square's or diced .place every on wax paper or freezer paper on a cookie sheet and place in freezwr. When you are done cutting the next quarter of this delicious melon, the other will be ready to vacuum seal. Melons, like honeydew and cantaloupe have lots of water, too and is quite healrhy. Like grapes? No need to seal these. Simply place outside of original pkg and put in freezwr bag. They can be eaten straight from fridge. Find an Elberts or a,health store where you can,buy Almonds,Walnuts and Cazhews, the best 3 nuts in this order. Must be unsalted and organic. You can choose how much to buy. Do so depending upon how you get paid. I am disabled and do my husband lost a lot of pension money. It works for us. Blueberries are amazing frozen. Great health benefits. They do sell in organic but may be too expensive but check it out. Strawberries do NOT need to be organic. A white potato is not bad for you if you eat 1-2 per week. These must be organic. They are porous and the GMO ‘s separate thru to the potato and organic potatoes are proper size and delicious. Stay away from butter. Never buy low fat because in most cases, it has more Sat fat, sodium and or sugar. I think you'll find this is not as overwhelming and expensive as you may think. Best of luck

What are the best foods to eat to lose weight as fast as possible?

Green leafy vegetables without salt or oil added. You'll need to have a balanced diet or you'll feel and look bad, so eat a sweet potato every day and some fresh fruit, a few raw soaked nuts, some sprouts, cucumbers, celery, and a cup of whole grains.

Can you lose 10 pounds in a week?

Firstly, those who want to know what is 10 pounds in kg than it's 4.5 kg. Now moving on How to lose this much weight in 1 week than ideally, you have to make soo soo much effort and dedication

What's your max bench press?

What do I bench? On a good day, and good days are getting fewer and farther between, I can get an ugly 100kg (@220lbs). I haven't been anything but a part time bencher for a number of years now.Let this be a warning to you young whippersnappers. It is easy, well maybe not easy, but it is common to