What is the best way to eat healthy?

Eating Healthy is not difficult.

My Grandmother used to say "A bit of what you fancy is always good"

I find that preparing fresh food ahead of time so that when I am hungry I am not tempted to ear rubbish. I eat small meals sometimes 4 times a day so I don't get too hungry.

It is important to eat food you prepare from raw ingredients.

Like salads, Vegetable, fruits Fish, eggs, Chicken etc.

Make your meals when you have time, keep in the fridge or freezer and enjoy yourself.

Try not to eat pizza, Burgers red meat including Port, Beef, and lamb and anything from a packet like instant noodles.

On the other hand, make your food tasty, try recipes your mother

used to make or school dinners you enjoyed.

If I have to eat out, occasionally, say at work, that's when you can eat badly, so eat your steak then so that at home you only have good things.

Take no notice of other peoples' rules. I love brown rice boiled with a bit of oil, salt, and pepper. but if you hate brown rice then buy good quality "Basmati" white rice, don't eat too much and enjoy.

Some days I have an egg for breakfast and then another 2 eggs in an omelet in the evening. Another day I might eat no eggs at all. so don't count foods it spoils the fun and is a waste of time.

Eat a balanced diet, Proteins, Fats and some healthy carbohydrates. Try to always eat a mixture of vegetables, cooked or raw, fruits, Protein, Cheese eggs, fish or white meat and try to use vegetables of different colors as each color gives something different to your body

Keep off sugar white bread, cakes, too much salt but don't worry about mico ingredients like cholesterol, saturated fats(less than 5%), E numbers, are tested so don't be afraid unless you are allergic to something.

Milk products are good but you can get Calcium etc from Vegetables so if you want to be a vegetarian then go ahead. Get a blood test every 6 months to see if you have enough iron, Calcium and B vitamins.

Most Vegans are very healthy but need to take more care to eat well.

I always start my day with a small bowl of cooked oats, use the "3 bears recipe"

2 tablespoons per person of fine rolled oats, a cup of water and nothing else. bring to the boil and turn off the gas. cover and leave for 15 minutes.

Then bring back to the boil and add water if required, stir well and serve.

I like 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar, and a bit of milk, my wife adds nothing at all and my friend adds a pinch of salt. this keeps your digestion running well and takes time to digest. Follow with eggs, soft cheese, salad or fruit and 2 slices of brown bread toast and you are set for a day of healthy eating.


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