What is the best way to get Tinder matches to turn into Tinder dates?

From a guy's standpoint...

GUYS: Have an actual conversation with the girl. Every woman I've met via online dating says they literally count the number of messages before sex is brought up or implied. Surprise them by actually talking to them about normal topics. Ask them about their interests, ask about their life, talk about foods. There are so many things unrelated to sex to discuss.
After getting knee deep in conversation, ask to exchange numbers and get the conversation off the dating site/app. From here continue your actual conversation. Also consider calling her and having a voice conversation. Every woman I've ever taken out is totally surprised (in a good way) that I actually call them and continue our conversation. But above that, I use that phone conversation to ask them out on a date. So seriously call, call the girl, that will put you leaps and bounds above the rest of the guys.
Oh yeah, and stop the cookie-cutter, copy-paste first messages. Try to be unique. It only takes a minute to think of a way to say hi.

GIRLS: Give elaborated answers. As a guy the one thing I hate is a girl who give single word or short sentence responses. I mean this in the sense that if I ask you a question such as "when's the last time you've been on vacation", know that my next question is like going to be regarding where you went, what you did, and possibly who else was with you. So take the initiative and throw out a few details so I'm not forced to pull teeth.
If you're not interested, let us know from the beginning. And I understand that some guys will give you lip, but that's also why there's a "Block" function; utilize it if necessary.

OTHER THINGS: Try to have at least 3 recent photos of you. I've ended a few dates early because the person didn't match any of their photos because the photos were from 5-years ago.
Avoid filters. Nothing else needs to be said here.
Stop the photos with you and a group of people leaving me to guess who you are.
Post full body pictures. Nothing worse that having photos of the neck up and then upon meeting you, I notice you're a bit chubby or exceptionally skinny. Let me know via photos early on so you don't have to worry about me going ghost.
If your age is "incorrect", don't post this on your profile. Delete your account, update your attached social media account (if applicable) and make a new account with your correct age.

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