What is the best way to invest my money as a 17 year old?

There are two ways of thinking about this. One is that you're young, so if you lose big, you still have time to recover. The other is that since you are young, you have more time to allow your investments to grow, and therefore need to take less risk.

As for the amount, you're probably not going to get a heck of a lot with $1,000. Consider that many online brokers charge about $10, you're already down 1%, just from the cost to buy a single stock.

With that small amount, I'll suggest, as I often do, to give Motif a shot. You can buy an entire collection of 30 stocks for $9.95. TDAmeritrade has a lot more options available for investing, but you're going to lose all our money on fees, pretty quickly.

I'd maybe split it between 5 - 10 stocks, each with a good potential for growth. Always do plenty of research on the companies before you invest of course.
What was the most effective diet and exercise combination that got you abs?

I didn't reduce any protein - upped it dramatically in fact - but I cut out all junk, all sugary stuff, all dairy, and all breads and grain products.Then I did the Dan John 10,000 Kettlebell Swings routine in the afternoons with long, fast walks every morning. I averaged 30+ miles over seven day

What are the best gym machines to focus on building lean muscle and losing fat?

To lose fat, you must burn more calories than you consume. Not only should you increase your cardio to expend more energy, but you should limit your energy intake as well to ensure the loss/gain ratio stays optimal. What I'm getting at is that dieting or cardio alone won't be anywhere

I'm 75kgs and I have started 500 skips a day . Will it help me lose weight?

I'm losing considerable weight since February this year.This Might help -Diet - (low carbs, High Protein, Much Water intake, ZERO processed foods)Absolutely No Running in Treadmill (too much time expenditure)Replaced Treadmill with