What is the best way to learn Android hacking?

Since you are asking about Android before you begin to learn let me tell you somethings about security level I experienced in android,

  1. Android built on top of Linux kernel so if you know how to operate in Linux consoles then you are good to go otherwise first make yourself familiar with Linux os.
  2. Like every OS, android security and permissions are classified for different types of users for normal users most of the permissions are restricted.
  3. User root got highest priority so root users can perform all the task including accessing hardware devices controlling user applications granting permissions to applications, accessing drivers etc.
  4. Whatever Android devices you get from different vendors are by default comes with normal users so doing hacking with this user is quite difficult.
  5. Well even though with normal users you can search for loop holes like example recording screen activity or taking screen shots without knowledge of users, taking permission from applications by users you can play around it but as I said normal users permissions are limited so you may not be able to perform all task.
  6. Turning into root user is tedious task it involves flashing and installing some sudo su packages based on your devices and versions of OS.
  7. Now days flashing OS is also difficult task because vendors lock bootloader of your devices first you need to unlock it then only you will be able to flash OS.
    • Unlocking bootloader involves getting unlock key from device vendors.
    • Once you get key you will be able to unlock loaders and perform flash.

8. Once you get root permissions you can play in android ground but let me tell you end - user still can see which applications are using root access because XDA developers have built super su(root user) packages in such way that it monitors all details and even though if your device is rooted and you have applications that use root permissions then end user has to give permissions by explicitly.

9. As developers when you find loop holes you will also find solutions to protect them so now days developers also smart enough to identify whether devices is rooted or non rooted, if devices are rooted then they won't allow applications to run further.

As I rooted devices here I am going to share images of root device that makes you feel that device is still secured.

Rooted device with application trying to access root users functionality then there comes pop up.

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