What is the best way to learn about health and nutrition?

Your very desire to think about health through the nutrition perspective is a healthy habit! To begin with, approach a nutritionist or a dietetian and briefly hear from her what she wants you to practice for a healthy living. Then, I would suggest you to read the following books, namely Food Science by B.Srilakshmi, Nutrition by B. Srilakshmi, Dietetics by B. Srilakshmi, Human Nutrition by Shubangini Joshi among the others which are written in an easily understandable manner. As and when you read these books, just recollect whatever you heard from the dietetian/ nutritionist. This way you will understand what is healthy and reason out why it is recommended as healthy. You can also have an online conversation with the  Nutritionists/ subject experts and get your querries clarified.
How train forearm?

The 20 Best Forearms Exercises of All TimeYour forearms Opens a New Window. don't get the respect they deserve.Not only do thicker, fuller forearms Opens a New Window. give you a more aesthetically imposing look Opens a New Window. , but they increase

Why do cats attack yarn?

Because someone needs to step up. And if cats don't, who will? Dogs? Good luck with that.All dogs care about is chasing the stick of fame and glory; making a big fuss out of what loyal companions they are, with all those attention-seeking displays of selfless heroism they love to perform.Meanwhile, cats are working tirelessly behind

How many homeless people commit crimes in order to get off the streets?

It sounds like a good idea, right? It's not. Listen, there are all kinds of homelessness, just as there are lots of homeless people. Some stay on people' couches on a rotating basis. Some stay in cheap hotels. Some stay in various