What is the best way to love someone?

I've written this before, it is from a man's perspective, what a man can do to show genuine love to a woman.

  • She needs to feel like she is a valuable part of your life. Make her understand that she is more important than your mother, kids, job, friends, secretary, hobbies, everything else. Make sure she knows that she is the most important part of your life.
  • When she is stressed out or hurting, she needs to know that you will share an intimate moment of comfort without demanding explanations or giving lectures. This is a hard one, I know how important it seems to try to rationalize her troubles to prevent them later on, but she needs to feel your love in those moments, not your platitudes, give her love, not lectures. This is where she tells you that you aren't listening to her. All those times she starts to tell you about something that is upsetting her, and you understand what she's saying so you come up with a solution and tell her how to fix it. Don't do that. Just try to understand what she's going Through and be there for her. No trying to solve e problem, just comfort her.
  • She needs open and unobstructed communication. I have trouble with this one, I am very reserved and I don't want to talk about things that may bring up uncomfortable topics, so I end up not saying anything at all. But that is not open and unobstructed communication. Tell her about everything. Your thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, fears, everything. And listen to what she has to say too.
  • She needs to be praised so that she feels like she is a valuable part of your life. I know how it feels when you are with someone for a while and you tell them how beautiful they are all the time, it seems like it's already been said, so why say it again, she knows right? Well maybe she forgot, tell her again. Tell her how brilliant she is and how you would be lost without her, tell her you appreciate her advise and ideas because you could never think of solutions that were that perfect. Compliment her when she makes you happy, I know she makes you happy all the time, make sure she knows how valuable you think she is.
  • She needs to feel like she can help you without fearing anger and retaliation. This seems like a no brainer, you are thinking "how could she fear that is she is helping me?" But really, when she mentions things you can do differently, are you always nice to her? It's hard to accept criticism and understand that it was said in a caring way. Criticism is good, be thankful for it instead of being insulted.
  • She needs to know that you will defend and protect her. If your mother is talking shit about her when she is not there, tell your bitch mother to mind her own business. Seriously. Who is more important to you? (I mean no offense toward your mother, I am merely illustrating the mentality you must take when anyone is speaking negatively about your partner)
  • She needs to know that her opinion is so valuable to you that you will seek out her opinion before making any decision that affects both of you or even if it only affects you. This one is very clear, I shouldn't need to explain it. But the thing is, she will get upset if you make plans without informing her and talking it over with her first. That tells her that you don't care about her thoughts and you will do things without thinking about her. When you make plans without involving her she will be upset and it won't matter what the plans were, she will find a reason for it to be a bad idea because her feelings are hurt because you didn't treat her like she's important to you.
  • She needs to share her life with you in every area - home, family, outside interests, everything. That means let her talk, but not only that, listen and give a shit. Interact with her and show her that the things that she thinks are important are also important to you.
  • She needs you to be the kind of man that her son should emulate and her daughter would want to marry. Be that guy. It's hard to do, but be that guy. It means being impeccable in all your actions. Have integrity. Think about what you are doing and how you would like it if your son was doing it or your daughters boyfriend was doing it.
  • She needs to be tenderly held often, not just when you want to fuck. I know fucking is great, and I know you want to fuck when you hold her. But forget about it sometimes, just hold her. It's hard to hold her lovingly without being overwhelmed with the urge to fornicate, but that's what she needs sometimes.

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