What is the best way to prepare for a 3km run race in one year?

1. On day one go out and run as much as you can. Then you will have a fair idea of your stamina and strangth.

2. initially you can repeat this run on alternate days for the first two weeks

3. Then start improving the distance covered each week.

4. Week on week the improvement should not be more than 10% of your previous weeks run, as if you are not a regular runner you body may not respond as expected.

5. This is the easiest way that i know and using this, i could run a 21k race in 9 months.

6. Running 3k in one year should't be much difficult, if you don't have any breathing related complications.
Is plain and boring personality good?

Thanks for request.Ther person whom you call plain and boring may not consider himself to be plain and boring. Ther person who is boring to you may be interesting to another person. Plain living is a good quality. Boredom is a psychological problem but you cannot decide

Is weight training a necessary form of exercise, or is a lifetime of cardio sufficient?

If you ask me, I say weight training is a necessary exercise. Why you ask? Well, very simple! Your skeleton is kept up and in place because of the muscles in your body. Stronger muscles will keep your body moving smooth and standing up straighter.

Is the strongest muscle in the human body the jaw muscle?

Here is a Wikipedia article about the muscles that is called Muscle - Wikipedia. Strength of a muscle can be measured in different ways with different results. Of course it says many things but includes this:In ordinary parlance, muscular