What is the best way to rent a fully furnished apartment in Nice, France?

I don't have a specific answer, but there are general guidelines you can use. Pick which one you think is the weakest and focus on improving that one.. The good news is that because it's a short-term rental you can experiment and get results back fairly quickly.

I have two main points, the specific details below:

1) Add more details when possible
2) Experiment/Test to see what works

  • Who are you targeting? This will determine the type of things you highlight, the language you use, etc.
  • More pictures in the listing! You can never have too many. What does it look like inside? What are the views? The outside? Surrounding hot spots (which are highlighted in the post). Try to give a feel for the place. If people are traveling from far away, they'll want to really "know" about it before going. Even if you think it's boring, travelers will think it's authentic foreign. :)
  • Break your description into 2 parts. (1) a short summary to grab the person's attention & get excited about it. Your title is also CRITICALLY important. (2) a bigger description where the prospect can learn much more.
  • Find some other listings you like and copy them. I actually don't his a bunch as a launching place.
  • Double check your rate. Despite being fully furnished, you still might be too high. You could also temporarily lower the price in exchange for visitors providing you a recommendation (assuming they loved it). Once you have a bunch of testimonies (included in your description or as an AirBnB rating) you can start raising your price because you'll have proof it's awesome.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to start. I could help more if I actually saw the place, and I could even leave a recommendation. :)

Good luck!
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