What is the best way to send payments to oversea?

Before asking WHAT is the best way to send payments to overseas the actual first question should be:

WHEN is the best moment to make a transfer?

Exhange rates fluctuate all the time! Imagine the best way to send money abroad has been found, if the money has been sent at a wrong moment (the exchange rate is poor) it means that the user has lost a good opportunity to save money.

But monitoring exchange rate everyday to determine which is the good moment is a bit complicated...or at least it takes a lot of time.

I live in Belgium but I come from Switzerland. Every month I convert EUROS from my Belgium account to CHF to my Swiss account. Before sending my money I check if it is the right time. For that I use NEOMY.

Neomy is a personal assistant that alerts the users when are the good moments to send money abroad. It is quite simple as they are three types of alert:

  • NO-GO alert
  • Top alert
  • Insane alert: the exchange rate is going crazy. It is time to send money abroad.

Sending money overseas comes with a lot of hidden charges by banks. There are plenty of money transfer companies available both online and offline transfers.

ATL Money Transfer is leading money transfer company covering 39 destinations worldwide. Their fees are quite competative and the rates are also good then other online platforms.

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