What is the best way to spend money?

1.Commitment: Congratulations. You have already passed this barrier by raising such a question.

Let me answer this question by giving it a three-fold approach
I. How to save:
Instead of committing yourself to monthly bills, try to commit yourself to monthly savings.
Rule: First save, then spend the remaining. 

II. How to invest
Invest both your money and time. Learn the basics in investments and stock markets. Or even real estate. They are pretty fantastic. Watch the markets over time.  Do not try to go with the wind. Invest in a business that can go the extra mile. That's what made Warren Buffet rich.
Rule: Do not try to overwork in case you are a salaried employee. You may end up watching the same money even for those extra hours of with you have put in. Instead utilise this time to understand money.
Let money work for you. As long as Salary income is your primary source of income, you are at the government's mercy to take away their piece of cake from your hard earned money. Other sources of income give you the first piece of the Sweet pie.

III. How to spend
Spend only after you save.
Try to anticipate future expenses. Compromise now. 
Rule:Take a loan only if you can handle pressure and are super confident that your earnings shall increase. Do not be stuck in a debt trap for spending.

2. Patience:
Allow your investments to grow over time.

3. Manage your risk. Keep updated.
There will be testing times. Opt out when you think it's getting risky.

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Most people don't build the right money habits early on in their lives and find it harder to change those habits over time. I'd recommend starting with 3 habits and then expanding them into investing as you get more comfortable with the basics:

  1. Spend less than you earn. Seems obvious but you'll be shocked at how few people actually master this habit. If you've already got this down, push yourself to spend only 70% of what you earn and put 30% of your money to work for you (savings,investment). The trick is, the more you earn, the lower you should spend as a percentage of your salary.
  2. Plan for the worst-case-scenario. A lot of people who are doing just fine with their money get thrown for a loop when life throws them a surprise. Assume that the worst will happen to you, and build a support system for when it does. Practically, create an emergency fund and put at least 3 months of expenses into it. Don't use your credit card as your emergency fund - it can become impossible to get yourself out of that debt. Beyond the EF, think through who would be most impacted by your loss of income and what you need to do to protect them. For example, I usually don't recommend getting life insurance unless you have a spouse/kids who depend on you.
  3. Avoid credit cards. While a lot of young people are told to sign up for credit cards for the points or to build credit, I'd highly recommend that you avoid CCs unless you're confident that you can pay off your FULL BALANCE each month. Credit cards are a gateway drug to collecting debt and at very, very high interest rates and are optimized to help you carry balances. Use a debit card or a cash system until you feel confident that you won't hold monthly CC balances.

There are two parts to your question. How to save and how to get steady income. There are two ways of saving out of a given income.  First spend on whatever you want to and save what is left.  Other one, first keep some portion of income aside and spend the rest on whatever you feel the most essential, next most essential, ...so on and on the least essential if any money left by then. Savings however small they may appear add to something pleasantly elegant after a while.   Second part of the question- on income earning. there are many avenues to suit one's capabilities and interest.  One of my trainees did business with his art work.  He had a set of paintings which he used to rent to different offices for display on monthly payments.  Everymonth he used to rotate them across different offices.  Offices used to get variety of paintings every month for fraction of price of the painting.  The entrepreneur was able to rotate a very limited set  of his paintings across his clients. All the best.

Besides great variety of fancy stuff to spend your money on, our beautiful world provides some really incredible things that are definitely worth your attention.

Invest in experience, knowledge and emotions

These are things that will never fade. These are things that are impossible to expropriate or steal. These are things that will never depreciate. These are things that indeed do make you richer. These are things that literally shape your life and make it easy to enjoy.

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