What is the best way to spend your spare time everyday?

I spend time every day doing many things.

My routine looks like this:


First cup of coffee/Scripture


Eat The Frog - Most Important Task or Most Difficult Task

Review Blogs and Websites

Process Email for an hour.

Block out time for other task

Block out 3 hours for Mind and Body Refresh - includes some personal development, nap, lunch, fitness, meditation, etc. It is time I focus on myself.

Another hour of completing task.

Check email and determine which emails I need to respond to the next day.

Plan task to complete the next day.

Spend evening with family

Do some reading

Help wife cook dinner or watch the kids while she attends to her needs.

Pick up

Go to bed.

My routine varies and changes but this is the main highlights and the things that are repeated day in and out. Each day I have a theme that I work on. I also do a weekly review which helps me determine what I got done, what I need to get done and where I should be focusing my attention on. This will determine what I need to do on theme days. Friday is a makeup day. It is a day where I tie up any loose ends before the weekend.

How to flirt with a shy male

You flirt with a shy male, by not making it look like you are flirting.Ask him for advice on a subject, he knows very much about.Ask him to help you with something.When you are still in school, invite him to your home to help you with your homework in a subject he is very good

What is important to know when doing the deadlift?

With conventional deadlifts; start with the bar on the floor, then lift it up. Stand close to the bar with the bar being above your feet and about an inch from your legs. Keep your feet about shoulder width apart, or a little narrower to give your arms room