What is the best way to study for the IIT exams?

As you are studying in FIITJEE, so I'll answer accordingly.
I enrolled in ALLEN, Kota in 2013 for preparation of jee 2014 (1 year course).
Before that never took coaching for JEE. By that time I only knew the basics which are taught in CBSE board.
After starting study in Kota it didn't took long time to recognize that cracking JEE requires a different type of approach as compared to boards.
If you've sufficient time (2 or more years):
1. Start your studies steadily and gradually increase your pace and time devoted and never learn away from learning concepts however time it may take.
2. Solve a large number as well as varieties of questions in all the subjects.
3.Always study NCERT books.
4.Also consider these books:
Physics- HC Verma, DC Pandey

Chemistry- RC Mukherjee, OP Tandon

Maths- Arihant, SL loney( trigo & coordinate), Hall & Knight(algebra), IA Maron( calculus), Arihant(algebra, coordinate, diff calculus, integral calculus etc)

5.keep revising after a while.
6.Solve your coaching sheets completely.
7.Keep an eye on Solved Previous year questions. Solve them on regular intervals to check your progress.
8.Find things which distract you, friends, family, movies, etc , and stay away from them.
9. Give test papers organized by coaching regularly. They can very precisely predict your progress.
10. Have a good moral/ inspiration for cracking JEE and recall it every time you feel down.

For those who have enrolled for 1 year course: You must have a satisfactory knowledge of all the concepts.
Start asap and never turn back.
Use your time to the fullest. Never waste your time in any manner.
But, take smaller breaks once/twice be studies and long breaks on weekends if you can manage.
Rest things are same as above but don't read books or solve questions other than the study material supplied by your coaching . That is more than sufficient.
But don't forget to read NCERT books and HC Verma.
Never think that you've less time. One year is enough if you have the passion and spirit to devote your time and energy in the preparations.

P.S.:-These are based on my personal experiences and cannot be true for everyone. But it'll certainly help you.

All the Best.

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