What is the best way to travel overseas without spending a fortune on mobile roaming?

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I would like to suggest an app called InstaVoice ReachMe that is specifically meant to cut down on exorbitant bills while roaming.

It is an app that converts incoming GSM calls into VoIP, and is easily downloadable on both iOS and Android phones.

If you are in a Wi-Fi zone or your phone has a decent internet connection, ReachMe will translate all your incoming GSM calls into VoIP and you will be able to communicate without roaming charges. All you need is a single account to link additional numbers if you happen to have multiple SIM cards. Once the configuration has been done, you are good to go. Also, considering that you have linked all your numbers, you are free to answer any number of calls on any of these numbers even without your SIM cards.

Download now: Free Incoming Calls on International Roaming - InstaVoice ReachMe

Hope my answer helped!

Disclaimer: I work for the organisation that promotes InstaVoice ReachMe

When one travel's overseas, making calls back home becomes an expensive affair however a necessary one. Many people bear the brunt of paying huge roaming mobile bills without knowing that they can actually save themselves a lot of trouble by using several low cost roaming apps like Ajura.

Ajura provides low cost international roaming. So if you travel from USA to Japan and use Ajura, you pay just 10 cents for making a call while roaming in Japan. Apart from offering cheapestinternational roaming charges, this app lets the user receive calls on their home country mobile number. This way the user does not need to share any new mobile number while roaming overseas nor does the caller get to know that the user is travelling.

Many people go for international travel sim cards to save on roaming cost. But its better to use roaming apps, which allows saving up to 90% on international roaming. Click Here to know the difference.

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