What is the best workout program to get muscular with gym and how long will it take to see results?

There is no "best" program. It really depends on your goals. Getting bigger muscles? Getting more lean and tone? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are a beginner and you stick to a good routine you will see results typically from a few weeks until a few months. Full body and compound exercises are good for adding overall muscle size. And eating more calories than you burn. Isolation exercises and cardio exercises while burning more calories than you consume will make your body leaner and more defined. But again, it's really up to what your goal is. Hopes this helps you out.

What is your routine?

Daily routines, especially morning routines, are really important to getting my days off on the right foot. I have noticed that if I miss too many steps for an extended period of time I just feel off, compared to when I am

Is good physical fitness compulsory for SSB?

To some extent but I have seen overweight guys get through it. The problem comes in the medicals after you cleared your conference. Reduce your weight, mine was 57 kg with a height 170 cm. You need stamina for completing your obstacle race . This are the two

Are there any work from home jobs in India? Are they genuine? How much do they pay? What is the selection criteria?

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