What is the biggest cultural mistake you've made when travelling abroad?

Tbh I haven't been anywhere that exotic, however in most of Europe, when visiting someone's house you take your shoes off and leave them near the door. Some people have "guest slippers" which are like large woolly socks that they give you. In the Uk we are far less into this. Some people do, some don't, but most wouldn't ask guests to take their shoes off unless they just got a brand new white carpet.

It took me a while to catch on as everyone was too polite to tell me.

What is the most shocking way to earn money?

There's no shocking way to earn money, only an honest way by working hard and smart at the same time.The internet however, has simplified this process. There's affiliate marketing, social media marketing, digital content creation, and so on.If you'd like an insight into affiliate marketing, I have a

Should you ever tell someone you wish you never met them?

Yes I did.Regretted later having said that. The guy I met for matrimonial purpose, in a way cheated on my emotions. When the purpose was clear, when we both liked each other he fell for the emotional tricks of family and got engaged to some other girl.We spent nearly a year