What is the biggest fitness trend for 2019?

Hi Ralph:


Respectfully, many years ago, I disconnected myself from the "trends." I reached that decision after trying and miserably failed "new trends" - usually pushed by some marketing plan selling new supplements or offering new ways of physical exertion/dieting, new products to buy, etc.

Sadly, people who are interested in the topic of trends and inclinations (it does not include you) are sitting in the sidelines and watching others, looking for the next trend.

I no longer care about new trends. Many years ago, I reverted to an old school method of rehabilitation, consumption. It works.

Do police hack people's Facebook to control the crime?

It always tends to amuse me how people believe that police have hacked their accounts. In most cases, law enforcement has absolutely no reason to hack someone's account. Why waste the technical resources (which some agencies don't even have) when you can simply get a warrant and compel the company (Facebook,

Recurring shin pain, tight calf muscles, swollen ankle. What's wrong with my leg?

The tendons and ligaments in your lower leg from knee to ankle are chronically inflamed from over stress of one area for example the shin pain, then causing the other ligaments and tendons to overwork and get stressed as well.You need to give that lower leg

How to lose 2 inches in 1 month

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