What is the biggest misconception Indians have about western lifestyle?

ndia is always portrayed as a world of mysticism and magic, a place where people from the West come to find peace and meaning in life. Especially after hippies like The Beatles coming to Rishikesh in the 60s, most people abroad think all we do is pray and worship cows. There's so much more to India though, in terms of people, places and surroundings.

Here are a few common misconceptions that most firangs have about India.

1. India smells funny

There's reports all over about people stepping off the plane to India and being hit by the stench. That makes no sense. How can an entire COUNTRY smell bad? As like anywhere else, some areas smell funny, some don't (it's also because people pee outside a lot though). There's a wide range of aromas, and a lot of them lovely!

What is the melting point of Tupperware plastic?

This question intrigued me, so I did a bit of research and found the following information. As you can see, Tupperware does melt at around 278°F or 137°C. What this means is that you can pour boiling water into it, but you should let it cool a bit before drinking it.Re: At what temp F does

How to improve programming skills

Start by carving out 20% of your time to devote to your own skills development. If possible, it'll be better if that 20% comes from one or two hours a day rather than a day a week because you can then make a daily habit out

Why can't I touch my shoulders for about an hour after I finish an full upper body workouts?

The reason you cannot touch your shoulders is because you are experiencing what is called a "blood pump". This basically means that your muscles are full of the various waste products and blood which has restricted the mobility of your joints, etc. So, you are pumped. Not being able to touch your shoulders is a normal part