What is the biggest misconception people have about Steve Jobs?

If you want to understand modern cynical attempts at mass media manipulation, forget the Nazis and Communists, focus entirely on the transition at TIME and CNN under Walter Isaacson.

He turned reputable objective media into tabloid instruments of character assassination.

There is a Deep State and Walter Isaacson is their prophet. They believe every US military failure was caused by some influential self-made civilian who stabbed them in the back, like Walter Cronkite.

1% of the TIME-LIFE empire was a column called "people" and making and unmaking celebrities through gossip is the only part that survived, and Isaacson was in charge.

The Steve Jobs book is the Bible of character assassination. It preceded the "Me Too" hysteria.

I believe in Steve Jobs, Charlie Rose, Mario Batali and people like them. I do not trust their critics.

Is it bad to lift weights?

I'll try to be a bit more informative....No, it's not, as long as it's done properly.To this day, there are many unfounded myths and rumors associated with

Why should I stop smoking?

Quit for Your Health:It causes heart disease, stroke, lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and emphysema, osteoporosis, and cataracts. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Cigarette smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke cause an estimated  average of 438,000 premature deaths each year in the

Is there something you did that you have regretted for a long time and later realized that it actually benefited you?

I figured out a long time ago that the worst times of my life were occurring at the exact same time as the best times of my life I say that as it correlates to how I have done things that I severely regretted which later on it was shown that those actions