What is the biggest pain point you experience while doing content marketing?

What hurts me the most is when people, fellow marketers, run after attention without giving out more or at least equal importance to gaining trust of your prospect. Mostly it is the outcome of delivering results early or as quickly as possible, because the clients want it!

Most of the marketers do understand this, but still there so many examples where you will find this. TBH, even I had to do this for some brands because everyone else was doing it and my boss wanted it.

The biggest pain point is that businesses or marketers are not ready to be patient and nurture their prospects, especially in the B2C environment.

What is the best mobile game of 2017?

I personally love Clash of Clans and I feel like they are one of the smartphone games that has gained so many players in 2017 with their excellent updates.It is also a multiplayer game which allows you to play with several players around the world and even

How does muscular hypertrophy work?

Hypertrophy comes from the Greek root, "excess nourishment". It the context of your muscles it means to make them bigger.General training of your muscles is generally required to experience hypertrophy.Strength training is a complicated beast and we're learning more about it as time goes by.  It's not just your muscles that are

As of 2018, how is Shake Weight doing?

Could be better!Despite a 2011 Consumer Reports study that showed Shake Weight didn't perform well vs basically any other arm exercises you can do and burned less calories per minute than walking at 3 MPH, Shake Weight still demands attention and is close to universally well known.It launched in 2009, went viral and sold $40m worth of units in