What is the cheap and best gym bag and gym shoes in India?

Nivia is good, like search Amazon you'll see thousand results and nivia is amongst them, nivia's quality is good whereas in the same price tags I am not sure about the other products of how long they may last.

I'd advice you to use quality gym shoes of a good brand like Hrx, Nike, Adidas, Reebok. I ain't asking you to buy a top end version just normal shoes of these brands cuz the quality would be better and may last longer as per usage. Gymming shoes need to be rough and tough for the activities especially if you're going there for kissing weight, so they must be comfortable and also be flexible, rough & tough. Whereas, bags just ensure the quality is good and the straps won't start to gear up by weight of things and also the fabric used is good then consider it for buying cuz spending on a branded bag is worthless

What is muscular strength is best described by?

Well the scientific definition is a rigid mis interpretation of strength becauseThere three types of strength the body can performAbsolute strengthRelative strengthDifferential strengthYou can get the sense that each of these strengths describes some type of proficiency.Fitness and learning how to apply these to a human

Can I bulk for one week and cut for the next week and so on?

You could, but I'm not sure what the goal would be.Your body doesn't work on a weekly cycle. Biology is slow in both directions- gaining weight and losing weight. If you're going to bulk you have to have a plan in mind: