What is the cheapest way for a bachelor to travel to Europe?

If you have the time to spare, renting a cabin on a freight ship is cheap, but they won't get you there fast. It's mostly done by retirees because it's so slow.

Flights to Europe are cheapest on Wednesday and the cheapest coming back is Tuesday. of course booking in advance saves money.

LastMinuteCruiseDeals.com allows you to find some cheap rates if you calendar is open, sometimes they'll have a specific day open for less than half price. To give you and example, I found an overnight cruise from South Hampton England to Hamburg Germany for $59. Not good for a cruise itself, but if you're wanting to go from England to Germany it'll cost at least $59 for a flight, the cruise saves you the flight and gives basically a free hotel night and meal. You can also find a Mediterranean Cruise for 7–9 days for less than a hotel room, and again, it includes meals.

I'm tempted to say "the same as anyone else", but I suspect from the wording of your question that you're running into the "single supplement" on a package tour, since you're not sharing a room with anyone.

In that case, it may be worthwhile to look at booking independent travel, rather than a package. You don't need to be entirely "winging it" - there's nothing wrong with booking flights, accommodation and transport for your entire holiday from home - but you'll avoid any of those single supplements if you're arranging things yourself. Additionally, it will mean that you can stay where you want to - and for as long as you want to - rather than being tied to specific hotels or lengths of stay.

Hitchiking is the cheapest. http://rovingsnails.com/index.ph...

Is Apple ripping off customers and app developers via the App Store?

Absolutely not. The App Store provides value for customers and Apple is charging App developers and customers for the service they provide. But more than that, they also pay out massively to the developers ecosystem. Billions have been paid out so far to the developer community and there are more startups

Are software engineers really that highly paid for their work?

I have been a developer for almost 7 years now. I currently make about $83k and I am expecting a 3% raise at the end of the year. In addition to that, my company is literally giving me a percentage of the company. Which by the time it