What is the cheapest way to fly?

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One of the best ways to fly for cheap is Airmule. They are an air courier platform where you can list your flight, and be matched up with a TSA-certified shipping company that need to send their packages to the same location.

If you have excess luggage capacity, you can make up to $600 per trip, which can pay for the flight itself in many cases. Here is the list of airports they service.

There is no end if you want cheap. In the wheelwell is cheapest until they catch you.

Instead of giving airlines incentive to keep lowering prices until the rest of us are so cramped that flying is literally painful, buck up and buy a regular discount fare. Look for cheaper dates, limited baggage selections, or consider two or three stops if it is cheaper. The more people buy the no-frills seats, the more of them they will offer.

It used to be buying your ticket well in advance and having cancellation fees attached to the purchase. Not sure what is the cheapest way to fly these days but probably going with hand luggage to avoid paying for checked bags for a start. Of course the price drops considerably in the low season so that is something to consider. I still think having a good travel agent in the know re all the deals, can point you in the right direction as that is what they do all day long for a living. Apart from that I agree with everything Charles Boyce has just answered.

One option to fly frugally is if you have a job that requires you to travel. You get paid to work and travel the world all at the same time! :)

Smart flyers not can not only fly for free, but can get paid for it.

It's simple, and takes only 5 minutes to set up. Make a sign that says: 5$ and I'll jump off a high rise into a pool.

Ten minutes later, you have 50$ and you're flying!

No but seriously there are budget airlines

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