What is the cheapest way to go surfing in Europe?

It's probably best if you avoid France. Food is quite expensive compared to the other countries.

I'd suggest Nothern Spain or Southern Spain (even cheaper) if you go during surfing season. Portugal is also really cheap and even more laid back when it comes to wild camping etc.

Also, it might make sense for you to go to one of the hundreds of surf camps for a week. Sometimes you can even get board rental, accommodation in nice tipee tents and full board for around 200€/week and person. If you need help picking the right camp for you, feel free to hit us up anytime.

What are you going to do with your life to make it worthwhile?

I'm going to do important things.Everyone gets to fill in the blank with this response, which is why I love your question. Thank you for asking it.Do you think the ocean is important? Your conscious mind says 'yes, of course, the ocean is important and we should do our best to preserve it.'Let's be honest... do you really care

Can we save the earth from our dying Sun's expansion using a gravity tractor?

No such technology exists (in the sense of star trek type tractor beams) or is even theoretically based on known physics. However any other kind of gravity assist applications would be completely unnecessary. In 2013, the Earth was shown to be moving farther from the

Why don't more people adopt children?

Because as human beings, we are terrified of the unknown. Despite our education and many studies showing that upbringing plays a greater role in a child than genes, we are simply terrified of the unknown.Many couples want to have children, and are unable to conceive but would rather try