What is the cheapest way to have summer holidays in Europe?

The best way to travel Europe is to bag pack across Europe. You can never truly explore Europe in these package tours and visits, while bag packing, you get to meet new people, stay at hostels and travel wherever you want. Here are a few tips to travel Europe the hippie style.

You can travel Europe at any time of the year.

When you travel, you spend money on 3 things :




  1. Accommodation :
  • Couch surfing - a great way to meet people - a place to sleep thru the night for free
  • Camping - again, free - meet people - get in touch with nature
  • Overnight at bus stations, train stations, airports - free of charge
  • Hostels - if you have a bit of money to spare. Remember towels and toiletries
  • Airbnbs - can often be cheaper if you are not travelling alone

2. Transport :

  • Walking. It's free, you see the city better, you get to speak to locals if you are outgoing enough
  • Hitchhiking . Again, free. Meeting locals , sometimes they even show u their city.
  • Blablacar. An app which works like hitchhiking except you pay for the ride. Often cheaper than public transports
  • Cycling. If you have some money to spare and don't want to walk around all day. You can also get a bike and cycle the entire country or just several countries then sell it off!
  • Public transports : buses, trains, ferries.
  • Motorcycle . You can get a second handed one, drive around , explore around and well it off. Rather cheap, convenient, easy, and flexible.
  • Drive. Renting a car and explore. Can be worth considering when you are travelling with friends or family.
  • Interrail. For Europeans to travel in Europe. I don find it so cheap but it's really convenient.

3. Food

  • Cook. Make your own meals. Pasta, pizza, baked potatoes, noodles are pretty simple and doesn't take a long time to prepare. Easy to get from grocery stores .
  • Bring food with you. In case you get hungry and want to eat in the restaurant. You now have the sandwich you have prepared, or nuts, bread, fruits, biscuits, cereal bars.
  • Eat the cheapest food. Rice, beans, potatoes, bread. These food makes you full for a long time and is really cheap.
  • If you have the courage , go dumpster diving. Free of charge.

Travelling around Europe can be expensive. But there are a number of affordable cities you can visit, I will consider the average daily cost of various travel - including a night's stay in a hotel room, dinner for two, a 1-kilometre taxi ride, a cup of coffee, a pint of beer, and a bottle of wine in some european cities.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal - £162.32 ($213.36)- Hotel: £116.80 ($153.53)

Taxi: £0.40 ($0.53)

Pint: £1.39 ($1.83)

Coffee: £1.02 ($1.34)

Bottle of wine: £3.16 ($4.15)

Meal for 2: £23.73 ($31.19)

  1. Athens, Greece - £160.89 ($211.48)- Hotel: £101.40 ($133.29)

Taxi: £0.55 ($0.72)

Pint: £4.35 ($5.72)

Coffee: £2.36 ($3.10)

Bottle of wine: £5.54 ($7.28)

Meal for 2: £27.69 ($36.40)

  1. Munich, Germany - £159.75 ($209.99)- Hotel: £84.40 ($110.94)

Taxi: £1.42 ($1.87)

Pint: £2.42 ($3.18)

Coffee: £2.21 ($2.90)

Bottle of wine: £4.75 ($6.24)

Meal for 2: £39.55 ($51.99)

  1. Riga, Latvia - £147 ($193.23)- Hotel: £93 ($122.25)

Taxi: £0.39 ($0.51)

Pint: £2.23 ($2.93)

Coffee: £1.70 ($2.23)

Bottle of wine: £4.63 ($6.09)

Meal for 2: £31.70 ($41.67)

  1. Budapest, Hungary - £146.83 ($193)- Hotel: £109.12 ($143.43)

Taxi: £0.71 ($0.93)

Pint: £1.11 ($1.46)

Coffee: £0.98 ($1.29)

Bottle of wine: £3.04 ($4)

Meal for 2: £20.26 (26.63)

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Europe is a magnificent place to go to. The countries are a wonder among themselves. From the colorful Italy to the popular France, from cultural Spain to the artful Netherlands; each have their unique ways and one must unravel its treasures to the fullest.

The East European Countries are the most beautiful places one could ever visit. Countries like Croatia, Austria, Hungary and many East European cities like Vienna and Budapest are full of things beyond imagination. They are amazing places and you must check them out.

Hope you enjoy your trip.

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Well, that depends on what kind of holiday you'd like. Is it a working holiday or a holiday holiday?

You can wwoof around Europe and stay practically for free in exchange of labor, having only the cost of transportation and maybe food.

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