What is the cheapest way to make mobile phone calls to India from Brazil?

People hesitate to call their relatives overseas frequently just in fear of huge telephone bills. Costly telephone services make deprive their wish to speak for a long time. Now, this tension will no more make annoyed as Reliance Global Call VoIP system is providing cheapest possible international call rates. So, calling India from UK will be just like calling with the same state in India. Calling to and from any country, like Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, etc. will be very cheap now. Any Reliance Global Call registered users can access this service from any calling devices.

This app can be downloaded in any modern calling device like smartphone, or tab, and can be used right away. The app has a multiple of other uses, like call memory, contact list, and many more. People, who want to avail this service from land phone can do so with the help of a toll-free number.

Do you mean make calls from a mobile to India? Or make calls to mobiles in India?

For the latter:

Get a Vonage Plans & Packages service in the US, take the adapter with you to Brazil and plug it into a high speed internet router, proceed to pay $9.99 for 6 months and $27.99 thereafter (both will have taxes added to it) and make calls to landlines in India at no charge and to mobiles with a very small minute rate. The monthly fee can be debited against any major credit card.

If you need a US address to register the Vonage service to (I don't remember if you do or not), you can use a service like Mail Scanning, Virtual Mailbox & Mail Forwarding Services (Traveling mailbox).

For the former: Skype?
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