What is the cheapest way to roam in Europe with a mobile phone?

International Roaming has been a big issue now since the beginning. Internet before is luxury but nowadays it is a necessity specially for business and travel. It is possible to use international roaming but the cost is high specially if you rely on your local network/carrier.

There are companies that offer "cheap" data roaming services but for my personal experience one stands out.

Let me tell you about Flexiroam. I've used it for months now and it's been amazing! You know why? Here are the reasons:

1.) You don't need to change your current sim every time you travel, because Flexiroam uses a microchip sticker to be attached to your current sim. Less hassle specially for frequent travelers (buying local sim for every country is doable but why bother if you can have one)

2.) Coverage of almost 120+ countries all around the world (And currently expanding)

3.) Cheap rates according to your needs & budget.

Your cheapest option is to buy a local SIM card in each country you visit. However, because some European countries have some pretty stringent registration requirements to be fulfilled before you can have your SIM (visa and passport checks, local contact info, waiting periods, etc), this can eat into your vacation time. The next best thing is a roaming SIM card. There are many different providers, but the one I've found works best is the European SIM card from Telestial International Roaming Solutions
You need a DOODAD!
It's an international, prepaid DATA only sim card, that works in 62 countries and counting. Use viber, skype, whats app, imessage, facebook - the list goes on. Plus all the benefits of not falling off the grid when you leave your hotel WIFI.
All controlled by you the traveler, no nasty shocks when the holiday is over! DOODAD International SIM Card for Data Roaming
Alas, if you are looking to make a lot of calls, your best bet is still to buy a pre-paid SIM in each country you visit.
And now you are able to keep your number for income/outgoing calls as in roaming using this local pre-paid SIM cards with Roamer - roaming killer service. This will save you 90% on roaming.
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