What is the cheapest way to ship a suitcase from the US to Europe?

Depends on the size weight and measurement. You looking at least $300.

You can try to rent a space in a container will cost you way less around $20 -$50 your stuff will be arriving in 4 to 6 weeks,but now you have to deal with the local custom agent.

Better to ask someone who's going there and give a few hundred dollars to the person, but pack everything into it front of him/her because most of the time they will be asked if you packed your suitcase or anyone give it to you? You don't want other people to lie or to create problem for them. Must pack it in front of them to avoid jail time for both of you.

Btw I never hear sending suitcases, sounds like something from the XVIII century or maybe just a fake question. Anyway here is the answer.

This is too general question.

If you need to have it withing reasonable time and still save some $ you'd better go to this site.

If urgency is not an issue, though you might consider using ocean freight.

A suitcase has rather large dimensions. You will not get around actually comparing prices for different prices yourself. Specifics are key for such a question: dimensions, weight, destination, country it is shipped from.
Having said that, when some friends and myself shipped a suitcase and some boxes from South Africa to Germany some years ago, we found the cheapest option was using Air Cargo (Air South Africa in that case).
Using ship bound cargo could be cheap as well of course, if you find someone who will handle such a small item. That is why you basically have to check yourself. The question is way too specific to give a general, conclusive answer.


I have put together a list of my TOP 6 tips and tricks for deep Air fare discounts.

If you are a traveler who is looking forward to an upcoming vacation without spending a fortune, spend five minutes of your time on this article. There is a chance that you can find cheaper flights by doing so. All you need to know is how to locate them. The following 5 tips can provide excellent assistance to you in finding the best and cheapest airfare discounts at affordable prices.

1. Go for the perfect timing

This is the number one tip for deep airfare discounts. If you monitor the flight fares for some time, you will notice that they change within seconds. That's mainly because people in every corner of the world are purchasing tickets for flights that you are keeping an eye on. There is a research made by air-lineswhich shows that the best time to buy your tickets is 54 days before departure. Moreover, there are instances where the airlines go ahead and publish amazingly low fares by mistake. Hence, you need to keep an eye on them

2. Book for Mondays

I know that you hate Mondays, I do too! But if you are a person who is looking for the cheapest air fares, there is a good reason for you to love Mondays. Air fares are significantly higher on Thursday,Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That's because most people tend to target the weekends for travel. When the demand is high, the air fares would obviously go up as well. So If you are on a tiny budget (like myself) , go for Mondays. The flight fares are also low on Tuesdays and start climbing up from Wednesday onwards. The reason for the price difference between Monday/Tuesday and the rest days of the week is due to the demand! Most travelers are reluctant to travel on Mondays. As a result, the demand goes down. This forces the airlines to drop their prices.

3. Keep an eye on the hidden fees

If you are looking for effective tips for deep airfare discounts, you will have to keep an eye on the hidden fees as well.
 Plenty of hidden fees are there and you can easily get fooled by them. If you are a smart hunter, you will not miss these hidden fees. Step One:Search for your flights here, Step two: Once you get to the flight results page, click on the payment method of your choice (almost always debit card,transactions are free of charge).Step 3: Click to view the deal of your choice and pay special attention to the line: ‘Average Payment Fee Per Passenger' that should be "0". Just try to follow those three steps and you will diminish the possibility of being surprised by an extra charge to your card.

4. Always be flexible

Everyone who is looking for the cheapest air fare deals needs to be flexible on dates. If you are flexible, there is a high possibility that you will end up grabbing the best available deal. There are instances where you come across the best deal at an inconvenient time slot. In such instances, you shouldn't skip the offer and look for a better deal. If you do, you will be missing out the excellent opportunity that you got. Hence, you must always be flexible when you are booking cheap flights. The extra effort you take to travel during the odd hours can provide excellent benefits to you

5. Fly to or from a nearby airport

I appreciate that flying to or from major airports is always easier for reasons known to every traveler, such as an easier and faster commute to the city center. However, you should consider flying from a nearby airport. You will be surprised by the savings you could achieve by opting to fly to or from a nearby airport. For instance, flying from London Stansted or London Luton airport most of the times turns out cheaper than flying out of the London Heathrow airport. Similarly, try flying to the Newark airport rather than JFK. A typical example to follow: The first option is to fly out of London Heathrow to New York JFK. The price is £396 while for the on the same date, flying out of London Stansted to New York JFK is £45 cheaper, £351!

6. Set Up Air Fare Alerts

Set up multiple price alerts. Search for your flights here then click on the ‘Create Price Alert' button on the left-hand side of the screen. Set your route and the desired budget along with the dates of your preference.

Hi there! Generally, using a package forwarding service is the cheapest way to ship anything internationally. Their shipping rates are heavily discounted, around 30–70% off (if not more!), with the major carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL etc.) Check them out!

If it is empty it won't be very heavy. But it is still dimensional item, which will add the price. You may use this one or DHL in this case, they are specializing in such packages.

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