What is the cheapest way to travel from India to Europe?

Europe has always been a traveler's dream. Although the place is worth every bit of its fascination, touring Europe usually ends up as an expensive affair. Following are some tips that will help you visit the continent on a budget.

Always remember: A cheap travel plan involves economic flight tickets as well as the lowest costs spent on accommodations, food, travelling etc. And there some hacks and tips that can help you with it.


These costs depend on how well in advance you book the tickets. The sooner the cheaper. On an average, a flight ticket from Delhi to Madrid will cost you 22,000 INR if you book the ticket 2 months in advance. You can also avail the festive offers available on various booking websites to save some extra bucks.


Accommodation choices can help you save a great deal of money. If you opt for staying in a hostel, dorm beds are available for as low as 18 EUR, ranging up to 40 EUR. These costs depend on size and popularity of the hostel and even vary from country to country. The further east you go, the cheaper it gets. For ex: a 6 bed dorm would cost you around 15 EUR in Berlin, but the same would cost you around 32 EUR if you are in Paris. There are even some campsite options available, costing from 9–15 EUR for a tented space. If you are looking for a hotel, expect to pay around 27–55 EUR per night for a room of two. You can even go for Airbnb or shared houses.

1. Book your flight tickets online by yourself. You probably get a better offer and also you won't have to spill out extra money. Go through Skyscanner, MakeMyTrip. Sometimes downloading the MakeMyTrip app can get you extra Rs.500 to 1000 discount.

2- Book round trip flights as it saves 1k to 2k on each booking. Search the flights from various cities. There is a huge difference between the prices.

Example- Chennai to Paris Round Trip- 35,000/-

Mumbai to Paris Round Trip- 34,000/- (As low as 31,000/-)

Delhi to Paris Round Trip- 39,000/-

These prices are flexible depending on the availability.

Try to book your tickets 40 to 50 days before.

3. To get visas for European countries is actually a headache, they take a very strict interview (treat you as you have done something wrong with them), But if you already visited some other countries then getting your visa is somewhat easy.

4. Traveling through the air to reach a various destination in Europe is always a rich man job. Eurail will help you to reach anywhere almost half the cost of the Air. Get your's Eurail Pass before you leave India.

5. Plan the cities you visit and according to that book the Eurail pass suits you best, depending on your duration of stay and your total projected expenses. No pass is too much for a Euro Trip! Get you pass insured as well.

6. Try Couchsurfing to meet with the locals, you can stay with them at night also. So it makes saving on your hotel for a single day or multiple. (Search CouchSurfing on google)

7. Pack things according to what exactly you want and don't get there. Pack things which are expensive there.

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Travel Is In My Blood

Have you fantasied about having your own Love Affair in Europe ever sine you have watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaynge ? Or, you just want to travel through Europe because you have friends who did it and said it changed their life or, well, because travelling through Europe is awesome.

If the Trip To Europe is in your Travel Bucket, then guys save some money, pack your bags and just go with the flow, Wanderlust.

Travelling in Europe, you can almost feel the history that surrounds you. It has masses of culture, delicious food, a thriving nightlife, beautiful architecture, great parks, plenty of open spaces and natural scenery, warm and friendly people, and so much to do.

Yes, I can understand that the trip to Europe is too costly and you need to spend a lot of bucks and you will feel bad too when taking our of your pocket. Oops! Hard Earned money. But guys, it can comes under our Budget. You can roam all over the Europe in just Rs. 1 Lakh and excluding the Flight Costs. Sounds weird? I know.

The travel hit-list: Hungary, Croatia, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
Budapest (Hungary), Zagreb and Split (for Dubrovnika) (Croatia), Florence and Rome (Italy), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Hamburg and Berlin (Germany).

When arranging an excursion to Europe, there is so much data accessible that numerous explorers progress toward becoming overpowered. It is an error to either design your trek with close to nothing or a lot of data. Explorers who don't inquire about painstakingly previously wind up with less agreeable outings. They will probably spend more cash since they haven't arranged precisely and should manage the worry of discovering housing and changing plans on the run, without any certifications. This requires significant investment, cash and pleasure from what should be a fun outing Cheapest Europe Holiday Packages From India. Different voyagers don't know where to begin and wind up with a jumble of data from various sources without having the data they really require or having such a great amount of data to draw from that they end up plainly befuddled and overpowered. Permit yourself enough time when arranging that you can discover data and choose what is helpful for you and what isn't.

  • Find some friends to go with you - it will be more fun that way!
  • Determine the best time to visit - summer is the best time, but, it will be crowded and expensive - early spring or late autumn would be a good time to avoid crowds and also get good deals
  • Decide itinerary - you can do 5 days in Switzerland, Benelux, France or Italy to 3-4 months in Europe depending on your budget.
  • Arrange funds - Budget 100 Euros/person/day as the minimum + flights
  • Apply for visas - Schengen (apply to the consulate of the country that you will be entering first on your trip) and UK (if going there)
  • Book flight tickets in and out of Europe - fly to one location and return from another or do a circuit so that you start and end your trip from the same location. In any case, do not travel the same route twice!
  • Book accommodation at major destinations - smaller destinations should be okay and can be arranged on arrival - try to find backpacker hostels - Hostels in Europe | Book European Hostels with Hostelworld.com
  • Get information on transporation between destinations - bus, ferry, train, flights etc. 
  • Travel light. Prepare checklist of items to carry - One-Page Packing Checklist :: One Bag
  • Get travel insurance - very important! DO NOT SKIMP!
  • Pack your bags
  • Go!
All the best!
You might find this link useful - all attractions listed are FREE
Things to do for free in Europe | Hostelworld.com
Additional information

Try to focus on destinations around that location. Minimize long distance travel within Europe (Spain - Germany, Southern France to Germany, Southern Italy to Germany etc.) as much as possible. So, combinations could be:
  • North Western Germany, Netherlands, Belgium
  • Paris, Southern Germany, Switzerland
  • Southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • Southern Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
Tips for best airfare
The major part of your budget is the return airfare from India. So, first find out which of the European destinations would be the cheapest to fly to. Delhi - Paris can be between 36K to 45K INR.
    • Fly from Mumbai or Delhi, if possible.
    • Fly to destinations that are relatively less crowded/not frequented by business travelers/not transit destinations - try Geneva, Milan instead of London, Paris or Frankfurt.
    • Use Google Flights to find the destination in Europe to which you can get the best airfare
    • Avoid peak seasons - Christmas, New Year and school holidays and dates around major sporting or cultural events. Winter is generally considered low season.
    • Book air tickets three to four months before your trip - not too early and not too late
      Good luck and happy travels!
      1. Try couchsurfing.
      2. If you are not getting hosts on couchsurfing or you aren't comfortable using it you should live in hostels. Use Hostels(dot)com Great deals on hostels anywhere!Or booking(dot)com Booking.com: 907,097 hotels worldwide. Book your hotel now!
      3. Try to find hostels with kitchen so that you can make your own food sometimes, buy stuff from supermarkets and have breakfast everyday before heading out. Ask locals for cheap eats don't pay too much in any restaurant.
      4. Use public transport. All the European cities have city passes and transportation passes for 1/2/3 days or more, buy those and use it like a local. ( a oneway public transport in Prague costs around a euro but I bought a 1 day pass in 5 euros, I used it at least 10 times that day , a oneway metro ride costs 1.80 euros in Paris while a 1day pass is around 11 euros )
      5. Taxis are a big NOOOOOO. ( I almost missed my bus to Berlin from paris because of traffic, I would have got a better seat in the bus if I had used metro)
      6. Check this link or google more to find free entrances to some museums and other attractions if you are happen to be there on some exact same dates or some sundays. The Ultimate Guide to What's Free in Europe - TripAdvisChoseog also try not to spend money at all the attractions (e.g. For me seating in the garden near Eiffel tower was way more fun then going on the top of it by paying some 12 euros )
      7. From my experience buses are cheapest in europe check out megbus,flixbus,eurolines,polskibus,ecolines or better use this goeuro website to compare all modes of transportation togather Search & Compare Cheap Buses, Trains & Flights Chose night travelling in buses/trains for cheapest rates.
      8. Explore by your self ask hostel staff or use TripAdvisor and see what interests you in a particular city then go there by your self. Believe me it's better then buying expensive sightseeing trips.
      9. Keep just 50$ in your pocket put your wallet in the bag and tell your self this is the last fifty you have.
      10. Don't spend much on alcohol, who needs that while traveling!!!

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