What is the cheapest way to travel to Europe?

From where?

If you leave in a neighboring country of Europe, you can walk or hitch hike. If you're leaving in Australia, you'll have to take a flight!

I assume you mean how to cheaply travel in Europe, here are my trips.

1. Try couchsurfing.

2. If you are not getting hosts on couchsurfing or you aren't comfortable using it you should live in hostels. Use Hostels(dot)com Great deals on hostels anywhere!Or booking(dot)com Booking.com: 907,097 hotels worldwide. Book your hotel now! or Vacation Rentals, Homes, Apartments & Rooms for Rent - Airbnb is a cheaper option. I usually do 30 percent night traveling in my any trip to save money on hotels.

3. Try to find hostels with kitchen so that you can make your own food sometimes, buy stuff from supermarkets and have breakfast everyday before heading out to save some bucks at the start of your day. Ask locals for cheap eats, don't pay too much at any restaurant.

4. Use public transport. All the cities have city passes and transportation passes for 1/2/3 days or more, buy those and use it like a local. ( a one way public transport in Prague costs around a euro but if you buy a 1 day pass it will be 5 euros, a one way metro ride costs 1.80 euros in Paris while a 1 day pass is around 11 euros ).

5. Taxis are a big NOOOOOO. You can literally save hundreds of Euros and public transportation is the real way to explore any city.

6. Explore by your self ask hostel staff or use TripAdvisor and see what interests you in a particular city then go there by your self. Believe me it's better then buying expensive sightseeing trips.

7. Don't spend much on alcohol, who needs that while traveling??

8. Transacting money directly from the debit card is a better way than to convert money to local currency.

9. Use apps like Whatsapp, Viber, IMO, Dingtone, Primo, Whatscall to call anywhere abroad for free.

Following are the few options that could help you save on your transport.

1. Budget flights

Yes flights! Unlike other places, budget airlines are cheapest option for getting around Europe. Companies like Ryanair, EasyJet, Transavia offer flights throughout Europe at unbelievable prices, sometimes as low as just the taxes!

Planning and booking early (at least a month before) is the key to enjoy the benefit. Just remember to read the fine print before proceeding to pay for the tickets!

2. Rail pass

Best and comfortable option for traveling across multiple countries.

Though European rails are cheap over short distances but could be expensive for longer ones. Rail passes are great way to save a lot of money.

Do remember that a second-class train car gets there just as fast as first-class ones! Throughout Europe first-class tickets cost about nearly 50 percent more than second-class. So it's better to save the rupee by choosing the second class ones. Why wasting money in show-offs!

3. Eurolines, international long distance buses.

Eurolines will take you throughout the continent. In Europe, buses are way cheaper than trains.

Taking Eurolines from Berlin to Paris is cheaper while than the last-minute booking on the train.

The downside to bus travel is you won't get a roomier space to relax like that on a train. So, if you are fine with it you could end up saving few hundred bucks.

4. Megabus

Economic way to get around the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales).

Megabus is definitely the cheapest way to get around the UK and now is also the cheapest way to get to Paris, Brussels, or Amsterdam.

If you keep a watch on their sales and offers, then you can get the tickets as low as 1.50 USD!

5. Hitchhiking

Hitching is quite common in Europe all you have to do is just be careful while choosing your options.

Alternatively, there are websites like Gumtree where you can ask for rides so long as you pitch in few bucks for the gas.

6. Take the free city tours

A great way to explore the city and its culture and beauty on foots!

In Europe you can easily find free walking tours in all the major cities. They can be a great way to see the city attractions, take in some history, and learn your bearings without spending any rupee.

7. Take Uber for shorter rides

You can consider booking a cab for shorter and quick ride. But it would be better if you reserve this option for fewer occasions and prefer public transports which could help you save more.

Quick tip: Although you can use the Uber app but to get more options in a single place download the Matrix Travel Companion App (Available on both Playstore & AppStore). It will not only help you with booking a taxi rides via UBER but also in

  • Availing discounts on shopping
  • Booking attraction tickets
  • making restaurant reservations
  • claiming your VAT refunds
  • booking your Hotel or Apartment
  • buying prepaid cards & recharging any of your prepaid cards
  • buying a travel insurance and even Forex cards.

A Eurotrip is an enticing notion, traveling around different countries in Europe to witness diverse cultures and lifestyles all within a short period of time. However, a lot of times budget plays a massive role in how you organize your trip wherever you go. Here are some advice for you to make your trip more affordable.


Expedia: Expedia, while very well-known in the travel industry already, is a great starting point for planning a budget trip around Europe because you can usually get a great deal on flights and accommodation with breakfast included in one rate, sometimes with tours included as well depending on what you are looking for. Expedia is best to use once you are in Europe, for example if you are in one European city such as London and want to take a trip to Paris and get an affordable package for the duration of your time in Paris.

Hostel World: If you plan on staying in many different hostels around Europe that often offer experiences such as bar crawls for you to meet other travelers around Europe, check out Hostel World's website. You can also book your transportation on Hostel World along with your affordable accommodation, as the website uses Skyscanner's ability to search for the lowest ticket prices out there.

Budget airlines: While traveling around Europe, it is inevitable that you will come across a cheap Easyjet or Ryanair flight in your itinerary. However both budget airlines where you can find flights amongst European countries also offer holiday packages where you can purchase your airline tickets and accommodation together at an affordable rate. Be sure to checkout their vacation packages before booking a hotel or apartment on your own as you will eventually use these airlines on your Eurotrip.


FlixBus: This company is the absolute best and cheapest bus company to use if you plan on traveling around Europe via bus. While traveling to certain places, such as Paris to London, it would be much faster to take the Eurostar train or even fly, but bus prices on FlixBus are as low as 3.90 for this journey. If you are really trying to same some money on your Eurotrip, check out all the different routings FlixBus has to offer that you can keep track of on your Smartphone on their app.

Hope this helps!


Best Transportation to Use to Travel in Europe

Europe and its nations have been dream destinations of travelers where they want to go once in life to explore the real charm of cool weather conditions and modern life. Traveling to Europe is not as expensive as one thinks, but is not affordable too. Expenditure and overall cost of tour depends on your tour planning, number of days, destinations covered and timing. When it comes to find the best and cheapest way to travel to Europe, it is by choosing the right travel package or Best Europe honeymoon tour package from India that are brought to you by reputed travel agency. Knowing about the best time to travel is also important.

Best Time to Travel to Europe

8 Nights 9 Days France And Switzerland Europe Tour Package - WTFares


20 Oct - 28 May


8 Night 9 Days



France And Switzerland Europe Tour Package

Day 1 Arrival


France And Switzerland Europe Tour Package Day 1 start with arrival in Paris check in to hotel . Then skip the line tickets to Eiffel tower Summit.

Hey, depends what you're after:

  1. Trusted ridesharing - as mentioned, Blablacar is a great option however you cannot book it far in advance and it's popular in some places more than others
  2. Flying - Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair have pretty much Europe covered. It's the quickest way to get from one place to another but definitely not the cheapest
  3. Coaches - Tours & Festivals in Europe, Asia & North Africa | Busabout has a network that runs across Europe and you can hop-on hop-off in 49 locations and stay for as long as you like - you get a tour guide and a company of fellow travellers
  4. Local coaches - different companies in different countries, so prices and booking system differ - usually locals travel on these and no tour guide
  5. Rail - there's a rail pass you could use to travel via Europe, but there are some add-on costs and rial isn't the most reliable mean of transportation in Eastern Europe so keep that in mind

As for hostels - check out of course Hostels Worldwide - Online Hostel Bookings, Ratings and Reviews as they have the biggest network of hostels and a decent number of reviews. My favourite hostels (they have a few scattered around) are Plus Hostels and Wombats.

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