What is the coolest watch you have ever seen?

Thanks for the A2A. The answer will be same as my favourite watches list.

The horology world is often known for its diversity, where every brand has its own story and history, and every wearer has his/her own story associated with it. It's often difficult to compare one brand with another, however here are a few of my favourites with some comments of mine.


Here, I'm going to write about two military grade tactical watches, which is very cool and badass...

  • Timex Expedition Gallatin

Gallatin case is made out of a lightweight and durable resin so you can be sure it will stand up to what you put it through – thanks to the raised top ring, tactical dial and mixed materials design.

The Timex Expedition Gallatin is good for a depth of 50 meters. While that's not ideal for diving, it's perfect for most other water sports and activities, making it still a very suitable watch for most active guys.

According to me, Deep Blue is the best and coolest watch that I have ever seen. I am a diver by profession and I have a wonderful collection of deep blue watches which I purchased online from watch partners at an affordable price.

Recently, I got Deep Blue Dive Master 500 Automatic Diving Swiss Mvt Blue Bezel Blue Dial Watch from there at a very reasonable price. This watch look so stylish and cool and it has so nice and useful features

According to me, the best and coolest watch is Deep Blue Watches. My brother is a diver so he has an amazing collection of these type of wristwatches. He wears these timepieces casually because they are designer and cool as well.

Last time, my brother purchased his watch online from watch partners it was an incredible experience for him to buy from there. I also purchase my most of the watches from there. I suggested this place to him to buy the best watches at amazing prices with a huge discount of 75%.

It has an international warranty for 2 years. It has so useful and advanced features:

  • Vibrant Orange Colored Dial
  • Mechanical Automatic Movement
  • 300 meters of water resistant
  • Sapphire Crystal Anti Scratch Glass
  • Stainless Steel Case Material
  • Vibrant Black Colored Bezel
  • Stainless Steel Bezel Material
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Silicon Rubber Strap

Deep Blue Master Automatic Black Bezel Orange Strap & Dial Diver Watch

It is all in ceramic. https://replicawatchpro.nl/item/...

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