What is the correct way to grip a pull-up bar?

Hello Personal Trainer Samy Here,

There is no correct way to grip a pull-up bar, it really depends on the muscle you want to target most.

Using a overhand grip (meaning your palms are facing away from your body) will target your back, your forearms and is generally the hardest to do.

using an underhand grip (meaning your palm will face towards your body) is the easiest and will target mostly arms (biceps, shoulders) and some back.

Neutral grip (which i use and advice) will hit back mostly and some forearms.

The reason why i advice using the neutral grip is because it is the least stressful on the shoulder joint. This is good for the long run to avoid injury and any shoulder impingement.

I do alot of different types of pullups, but i try to keep my grip to a neutral grip, it also helps me feel my back muscle more.

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