What is the creepiest thing that someone ever told to you?

I remember going to a patients house at night. It was halfway through the shift and my bladder was the size of a small beachball. It kept reminding me it was there by pressing really hard and occupying almost every movement I made.
thankfully the job was quite easy to manage and I almost shouted about using her bathroom. The only one in the house was upstairs and to add to the fun the lightbulb wasn't working. My only light was from one we have attached to our shirts called a pelican light. They're quite bright but make everything eery. So I ran upstairs found the toilet and relieved myself with an AAAAAAAAH. after emptying the Thames into her toilet and flushing I walked out. In the narrow strained light of my torch I saw a little bit of movement ahead of me and stopped in my tracks. A small voice spoke out from the darkness.....'I can see you'.
At this point my sleep and food deprived brain began to work overtime. After doing it's work and coming back with the response, 'does not compute'. I screamed and ran downstairs. Much to the amusement of my crewmate and the patient.

I then heard a small child start crying. Her son. The same one who had walked out of his room hearing a stupid oaf come up the stairs with the delicacy of a herd of stampeding rhinos.

I felt ridiculous. Truly ridiculous. The joys of night shifts.

I was in college and seated at a bus stop, waiting to go home. A man came lumbering by,and stopped by a woman who was standing fifty feet away, in front of a small store. She looked at the man and nodded and I could see she looked angry and she walked off, down the street. The man walked towards the bus stop and sat next to a woman, at a bench and I couldn't hear what was said, but the woman looked distressed and stood up and walked towards the store. She returned a minute later and sat down a few benches away from me, staring at the creep with a mean look.

He then looked at me and sat down next to me on my bench. I could smell alcohol and the smell of sweat, more like the smell of someone who has worn the same shirt for several days in the Arizona summer. The man looked up at me, after staring down at the ground for some time.

A large grin grew on his face.

From his bloodshot eyes, I could see an evil look in his eyes. He coughed and leaned towards me.

"Would you want to come with me over there?" pointing to the alley behind the church which was beside the bus stop. I stared at him dumbfounded.

"What? Why?" I asked, confused to his meaning.

The smile grew into a wide, Joker like mouth open giggle.

"Because," he simply responded.

I nodded and turned away from the creep, but I could see him staring at me from the corner of my eyes. A few minutes later he stood up and walked away.

The second woman, who had been asked by the creep, looked right at me and smiled and mouthed the words "Good" with a wicked smile, as she looked at me. It felt like she was happy he had bothered me. It floored me.

I was scared, sweating and my heart was beating a million beats a second. Why didn't I keep an eye on this guy? The next bus that usually arrives wasn't the one I needed to go home, and it usually emptied the stop leaving me all alone for fifteen minutes. Now what, I worried.

My stomach relaxed when I saw the first woman, appear with a police officer, and he seemed to be taking notes. He asked a few of the witnesses around about the man, and no one said anything. The second woman appeared and sat down near me. We sat in an uneasy silence. The policeman asked us about the man, and neither of us said a word.

I was confused and ashamed, why did he ask me, I was a man (I didn't crossdress or look female)? I felt angry and embarrassed. There were of a couple of guys there, why did he target me?

The woman left on the next bus and I sat there confused by her actions and the creep. She was a regular at the stop but I never talked to her previously,nor afterwards. I never saw the man again.

It was night time, around 8pm. Me and my friends were just hanging around, talking and stuff.

Then we bade each other goodbye and went to our respective houses. I was running towards my home via the main street,something just appeared right in front of my eyes, as I was running I couldn't actually stop right at the moment and I went right through it. I wasn't scared but my mind was just flooded with one question.. What the...??

After that I stopped and looked backwards and kept looking but saw nothing.

I felt that thing while I passed through it.

So I kept going backwards and forwards but... saw or felt nothing.

As usual,it was white in colour, kinda like a man covered in a cloth, but it wasn't.

You may be wondering what is the creepy thing and who said it. The answer is...

Soo.... I just went to my home and started thinking about what the hell happened.?

As I didn't believed in such things...I started thinking technically about it...

Then a voice just got up in my head and said,

"they're real."

I was scared by this line because it was me who said this... the person who understands me.

No other person could scare me but as I told this to myself.. I believed it instantly and started feeling the intensity of the incident that just happened.

One of my best friends had a big crush on a boy whom I had never met. I suggested to her that she make a group chat with us three so that I could get to know him a little better. Upon entering this group chat, the first thing he says to me after saying hello was "I have a picture of a dead rabbit. Want to see?" Suffice to say, she stopped having a crush on him and I will be eternally freaked out by him.

This image. Last night i was talking to my friend. She said good night and sent me this.

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