What is the creepiest thing you've found after moving into a new home?

The room in the basement.

After my parents separated they agreed my mother would keep the house we currently resided in. This meant my father had some hunting to do. After a little while and about 3 house tours he stumbled upon this lovely home in a quiet neighbourhood-perfect.

I didn't get the chance to visit until we all helped him move in. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but the exterior was well kept apart from the overgrown grass and tree branches flourishing against the front door. We helped bring couches and bins inside and then my brother and I decided to explore a bit.

The side door was really the main entrance. There was a set of stairs going to the right leading to the main floor with the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom, and then there was a set to the left going down. We knew what the upstairs looked like, it was simple and old-fashioned. Downstairs was still a mystery.

The owner before my father was an old women, she left utilities like a noisy but well maintained fridge. It contained some beer and a couple drinks as well as a note that read "Please enjoy!". She left little sticky notes all over the house indicating its little quirks. I found this especially adorable; she clearly loved her home dearly.

Anyway, it was time to uncover the mysterious basement. We slowly crept down step by step, investigating each creak. At about the fifth step an indistinguishable smell hit us. We kept walking.

There was a thin rectangular window almost touching the ceiling, the ledge was covered in ants. This area and the kitchen counter were the only ones with ants. It was strange. There was a freezer to the right at the bottom of the staircase and a couple rooms.

The first room to the left was dark and looked empty, we barely peeked and then moved on the the two other rooms. One had a bed built into the wall (you know the ones you can pull down) and a little hidden cubby that was closed with a key sticking out of its slot. There was nothing inside but it seemed to be the perfect size for a shotgun.

We got bored and decided to go back upstairs but before getting to the staircase something intrigued me about the first room. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to push the door completely open. My brother stood behind me, I stepped inside. The floor was cold in this room, it was not like the others-was this concrete? I looked for a light switch but I couldn't find one, instead I felt a cold string hit my head. Alright, it's a pull chain ceiling light, no biggie. I grabbed hold of it and pulled. It took a moment but it finally gave light. Our eyes adjusted and my heart sank. The room was empty apart from a single metal chair facing us. This room had been torn apart, the walls had no insulation-just a bunch of exposed wood that made little shelves everywhere. I cannot explain the feeling. All I know is that it was extremely eerie. I saw something shiny in one of the little shelve spaces and I went to see what it was. There was a scalpel and a variety of blades. Some other instruments I couldn't identify. A hammer but no nails. This room resembled a perfect torture chamber. I felt sick. We understood that there must be a perfectly logical explanation apart from murder for this room. But honestly, I'm not sure I'd believe it.

*I texted my dad to ask if he had pictures of the room because my brother and I sure as hell did not. Though its 5am so I might have to edit this to add them if he does.


I am currently at my fathers house, I've taken some pictures. Some things are a little different (he's been living here for months now so I'm not surprised) but here it is!

The staircase:

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