What is the cuisine of Kerala?

Kerala's cuisine has been greatly influenced by Greek, Roman, Portuguese, Chinese, Arab as well as Dutch- these traders made their way into this southernmost port town of India. Remember Vasco da Gama?

Plenty of coconut, chilis, spices such as peppercorn, cardamom, and cloves, plantains, gourds, beetroot, yams, red meat, variety of fish, prawns, squid, eggs, etc. are incorporated in Keralite foods and dishes. Traditionally all food is cooked using coconut oil. Within the cuisine itself there are several sub-cuisines, including the delectable Hindu Sadhya feasts, yummy Syrian Christian meat dishes, as well as Muslim foods such as flavorful Mappila biryanis.

What is the least common trait in people?

From my personal understanding, it would be selflessness.People can be very helpful towards others, but most of the time it all boils down to them. Most people have the idea that if I help someone, they will help me. Can you see

How have you felt about getting older, and regretting how you spent your younger years?

Important note. Live your life with no regrets. In other words accept the decisions you have made. Also think of this statement before you make decisions.If you have regrets, do what you can to right them.I truly have no regrets. I have times I sure as hell wish I didnt do what I had

What should I do if I can't afford a family divorce lawyer? I've been without work for two years now, and my wife have filed for a divorce and R6,000 for child maintenance.

In most states there is some kind of legal aid services for the indigent ( inability to pay). If not, there should be resources to where you can get needed forms and fill them out yourself.As far as the amount for child maintenance, that can be adjusted according to expenses and income; but keep in mind